Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant

Here is one chinese restaurant I've mentioned in one of my previous post, Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant.

At Ban Leong, there are a few signature dishes you can try. However, one of the best signature dishes is the chilli crab. Many people went there just for the best Sri Lankan Chilli Crab served with fried buns (Or rather we call them 'Man Tou')

This is the Chilli Crab. Served with extremely delicious chilli gravy, where you can bite a few pieces of garlic in your mouth if you're lucky (Provided you like garlic). Garnish with corriander leaves.
The meat was very succulent, fresh, sweet and delicate. Once you taste it, you'd get hooked on it.

We tried other dishes like the Prawn Paste Chicken & Sambal Chicken. Pictures not shown because I was simply too hungry and could not be bothered to take any pictures!

But I think I have a feeling of going there to eat again. Friends, you get what I mean? Haha.

Norin, Clovey, Shandy, Alicia & Eunice

This is totally blur! If Clovey isn't pretty, I couldn't be bothered to put it on my blog!

This is much better. Haha. She is Shandy.

Once again,

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood

122 Casuarina Road

Tel: 6452 2824

Operating Hours:
Daily 5pm - 1.30am

Average price:
approx. S$ 20 - 25/person


Shandy, Clovey, Alicia

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