Friday, June 6, 2008

Trip to NEWater Visitor Centre

Yes, I adopted a bottle of NEWater back home!

Jing Hao & I went on a trip to NEWater visitor centre with all the other SAS (School of Applied Science) students.

Let pictures do the talking.

These are artifical rain drops, which explains how important water it is to us etc.

This NEWater walk way is one of the more eye-catching to me. There are many pipes under the platform. The water coming out from the pipes are NEWater. The spotlights would change color during certain time intervals and it's very nice!

Group Photo taken!

Went there for the sake of 3 CE points! However, I never regret going there because I realise that we must not take water for granted. We should conserve, value & enjoy.

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david santos said...

Very nice post, Eunice!
Good persons. Good pictures and nice colors.
Happy wwekend