Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Went shopping with Cloverbel, Superman, Ming Yuan, Bing Zhong & Jiashi.

Was supposed to go Haji Lane to shop. However, Cloverbel & I was thinking that most shops at Haji Lane could probably be closed since it was a public holiday. Therefore, change of venue! We decided to go City Hall!

Called Jiashi to ask whether is she free. So she agreed to meet us.

Jiashi! I told you my classmates are lovely and friendly! Especially Cloverbel! She is a panty chatterbox! Ubber friendly right?!

And so we shop shop shop. Bought cosmetics from TheFaceShop, Shoes & Straw Bag from Ripcurl, and long skirt from Ralph Lauren.

The long skirt at Ralph Lauren is EXTREMELY a GOOD DEAL. The skirt was supposed to be $165. However, the skirt I chose was on a 70% discount, so ended up, the skirt costs me only $49.50!

I wanted to buy the track pants as well. It was supposed to be $115, however after 70% discount, it turned out to be only $34.50. However, it was such a pity! The largest size they have is only Large Size. And it was too big for me. What a pity! Good material you know!

Luckily I told Jiashi to go in to the shop! She herself bought one top, which was also a 70% discounted item.

Went to Cafe Cartel for dinner. Silly Superman bought a Raspberry Vodka. It tasted like shit. Cloverbel & Superman drank the vodka and both of them got a little drunk. Imagine getting a little dizzy in a SHOPPING MALL! And Superman's face turned sooooo red.

Silly Cloverbel called me Braty, So I call her Panty! ((: She is so cute ok.


For today's cultural lesson, we did a presentation with the next class, E35K. The facis rented a conference hall at Block E1. For today's presentation, our class will be given specific roles to do. All 5 groups were chosen to choose a coin. Danial & My group got a 20-cent coin. The other 3 groups got a 10-cent coin.

Groups getting a 20-cent coin will be the Committee Members of Ballet Interest Group. Groups getting a 10-cent coin will be the Council Members (Board of Directors).

Committee Members of Ballet IG are supposed to come up with a proposal to convince why we want to recruit male ballet dancers.

As for the Council Members, their task is to approve or disapprove our proposal, and post us various questions for the reason of our proposal.

Well, as for my team, we need to do the hard work. Instead of presenting the proposal to our Council Members of my class, we will be presenting to the Council Members of ANOTHER class, E35K.

The whole situation was extremely tensed. All of us wore formal clothings, and we felt as if it was really a real presentation to the Board of Directors. However, I do not feel nervous facing so many people! Instead, I feel nervous when the B.O.D asked us questions!

Anyway, it's an ACHIEVEMENT! That I managed to be able to speak out so confidently! You know, I'd never do that when I was in Secondary School. I still use to worry about my poly life when I know I had to present. Now, I think it's easy work!

Anyway, Danial is right.

E35K is good, but E35J is better! ((:


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