Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ming Yuan, Jasper, Zhen Wei, Hazwan, Sykes & Naq came to my house yesterday.

Was supposed to have more people coming, like Shandy, Norin, Clovey, Bing Zhong and Danial. However, all of them either have a date with their boyfriend, or too tired to come after a soccer match like Danial.

We decided to call canadian pizza. Bought 2 LARGE pizzas + 2 free LARGE pizzas. Ordered 20 pieces of spicy drumlets and one loaf of garlic bread from Pizza Hut.

I tell you, all of us were going to explode. Silly sykes claimed that he and Hazwan would eat a lot. As for Wan, I know he can eat alot, even though he looked skinny. For sykes, I was quite skeptical. Well, he insisted that I ordered 2 LARGE pizzas, with extra 2 LARGE pizzas for free.

Went over to 7-11 to buy London Dry Gin. First time trying dry gin and guess what, 43% alcohol.

Wanted to buy Absoute Vodka but was out of stock.

Went home, drink, eat, watch soccer match, which bore me out.

Instead, I watched "Meet The Spartans" and find myself laughing alone, which looked like a total idiot.

Naq & Jasper kept shouting, cursing the soccer players and stuffs like that.

Hazwan took my gigantic toy cow and demonstrate various sex styles. Oh my god. And we found out that my maid seemed to be looking at him. And he was so shy! AHAHA! I wanted to take pictures of it actually!

Well, instead of stopping, he brought my cow toy to a corner and continue doing "sex" with my cow. I swore it was totally hilarious.

It was a pity that Wan & Sykes got to go earlier. Anyhow, Silly Wan left his keys at my home. All of us didn't know whose keys was it, and later then I realised it was Wan's. Because he used to work at "ANIMAL", and he had the logo attached to his keys. Anyway, please, say that I'm observant. Haha.

Wanted to shake hands with Sykes & Wan when they left. However, my hand was oily and ended up, both of them gave me a light slap on my face. It's ok, I still have 9 more weeks to slap them. Haha.

P/S: I'm so excited to meet Cloverbell & Superman tomorrow! XoXo.

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