Friday, May 23, 2008

On the day of Soccer Finals, Jasper, Ming Yuan, Naq & Li Hao came to my house to watch soccer match. Phillip (My secondary school buddy) & his 2 friends, Mutton & Liang Zhi came to my house to watch soccer as well.

Mutton, so confident that Man Utd would win, wore his AIG Man Utd Jersey, while Liang Zhi wore his Chelsea Jersey.

As you know, we were shouting, cursing, screaming like idiots. At the 26th minute, my idol Christiano Ronaldo, with his powerful headshot, and he GOALED. All of us cheered!

Later on, Chelsea Frank Lampard goaled as well, most of us sighed.

Later on, there were many times whereby Man Utd almost goaled and we were like sweating and cursing like hell.

Penalty Kick was the most tensed one. Fortunately, John Terry the idiot missed the goal and Super duper cool goal keeper Van De Sar, with his two powerful hands, he stopped the ball from entering!

This is the first time I ever feel soooooo good.


Anyway, I feel very guilty for making Shakur's shirt dirty. This is how it happens. I was angry with Shakur for saying something very offensive to me. In a pique of anger, I threw the marker (Without the cap) at him and it hitted his back, with a large mark on it.

Well, he was angry with me for we did not talk for 2 days already. However, after hearing from what Danial told me, Shakur was actually worried that the mark on the shirt could not be washed away. And his father would scold him.

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