Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, since I was told by Shakur to blog about Science lesson, I shall.

Yesterday was extremely pathetic. We only have 11 people in class out of 23 people.

11 people were split into 2 groups. My group was Hazwan, Shakur (Sykes), Jun Wei, Mira & Naq. Was told to do about escaping molecules and this topic was indeed lame.

The Faci was a new one, which looked so much hotter and sexier than our previous Faci. We only got to know from the new Faci, which was Miss Kumar, that our previous Faci was a gynae! Really did not expect her to be a doctor. Well, she worked as a lecturer as a part time job.

Miss Kumar used to study at the US, Florida. When she first came in, we all thought that she was just another ordinary Indian Faci with the strong accent. However, we've all been proven wrong. She speaks so fluently, and with a little of american accent. She's cool.

I told her my sister was studying at Buffalo. She commented that University Of Buffalo was one of the popular universities and the people there are party animals. Sis, is this true? Haha.

Well, anyway talking about our lesson, I was extremely moody and sad early in the morning because I quarrelled with a useless guy the night before. Whatever. Wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone or smile.

However, I was happy that the guys cheered me up with their crappy jokes. Anyway, I appreciate it, guys. Sykes & I tagged team and played DTX Mania. However, our scores were not as good as Sin Yee. Now I know why she joined EMP IG. (Electronic Music Producer)

Well, bought a new mouse at SUI! The previous one was lost because I left it in the class AGAIN. It was the same as how I left my wallet in the class.

Fortunately, the wallet was back to my side thanks to the honest cleaner. However, my mouse will be gone forever! The cleaner did not returned it to me. I think her son needs it. Haha. Well, that mouse is old anyway, so I bought a new one. Extremely COOL.

Isn't this cool! They come in 3 colors - Black, Pink & Red. See the Crystals on the mouse? It's made up of Swarovski Crystals!
I wanted to buy pink initially, however it was until I bought the red one then I realised that this mouse comes in 3 colors!
Anyone who is interested to buy please tell me! Because I have intentions of selling more of this to people! Haha.

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