Sunday, May 11, 2008

Was so tempted to go for some shopping. Really got the urge to give Jiashi a call ! You know, she is one who I can call out at last minute. I could even change my clothes and out I go.

Well, I was HAUNTED by what Hazwan & Shakur said to me before, "WAIT FOR GREAT SINGAPORE SALES LAH... STUPID."

So I hesitated and "Hmm.. Oh yeah."


There's so many things I wanna buy!

Let me show you a list of what I wanted to buy.
1. NUM Slippers
2. Pumps
3. Nikon D60 ($ 990 - $1200)
4. Photoshop CS3 ($460 - $550)
5. Sennheiser PXC 300 or PXC 250
6. iLuv Model: i199BLK (Speaker) (SGD $379)


It's been quite some time since I uploaded some pictures of me. Well, this is me. Right. I know I have A LOT of BABY FAT. But can't you guys just take a look at it?

At least I know show a 'Twist' on my photo! You know, our rules of joining Photography Interest Group (IG), is that whatever pictures we take, we must not show a 'Twist' finger on our photo. This is one rule our Ang Moh Advisor set for us. If he sees any members of Photo IG does this, he will EXPEL US! Haha, isn't my advisor cute?

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