Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today's lesson was Contemporary Issues in Culture And Aesthetics. In other words, it's cultural lesson.

During first meeting, the faci told each of us to share something which we find it priceless. I was the first to volunteer to start.

As the rest of them starting saying their stories, and really sad stories, I kept tearing.

I didn't even expect Naq and Ross to have such sad stories behind them. They always look so cheerful and happy on the front. Upon hearing their stories, I really burst out into tears.

As for Shakur, I also did not expect him to have such a heartbreaking story. Well, being such a egostic and prideful person, he denied that he cried but I was just sitting next to him, his eyes had already gotten so red.

I started thinking about really lots of things. Family, Friends, ex-boyfriend etc.

Shandy talked about how she loved this class. Yes, I love this class too. I really hope we all can still organise outings even after first semester. I don't want to change class la!

I really wish to go Sentosa with my classmates this Saturday! However, I've got to follow up Photo IG as I have a workshop this Saturday at Victoria Junior College.

It is actually workshop organised by our IG's president. We will be working hand in hand wth VJC students and the EOS academy instructors! I'm so excited you know!

So right now, I will save money to buy a camera for beginners. Hazwan advised me to get a Nikon D60 as well. Well, shall see how! Or maybe a Canon camera?

By the way, one of our advisors in an Ang Moh! Funny and out-going guy. You're never get tired or bored listening to him talk!

p/s: Faci was extremely kind enough to treat all of us drinks and sausage buns! THANKS Faci! We love you, and cultural lessons! And I love her bag from Kate Spade! So cute!

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