Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Right here, I shall thank of my Facilitator. She is Eugenia Koh, my cultural Faci. She and I had a chat after today's lesson. Well, I shall not elaborate more about what we both had shared. However, anyway she's a great Faci.


Well, after school went to meet my Zhi Yang, Cheng Yong, Beng Hon, Wei Kai & Bread (Mian Bao). We went 3rd floor to slack. It's been a long time since I last slacked with them. And the moment I come, they kept teasing me about how stupid am I to go ALL the way to RP. By right, Zhi Yang was supposed to be in RP, but he appealed to go NYP. Kena teased for few hours before thinking of where to celebrate Mian Bao's birthday.

Showed my brothers about the work in RP. Showed them all my problem statements and presentations. They gave me some comments and stuffs. I told them I showed our group picture as one of the slides presentation. For cultural lesson today, our Faci stated that we can only use pictures to convey our message across. Meaning that no written words should be seen in our presentation. Well, I was looking for pictures of people but my laptop was so lagged that I decided to put up the pictures of me and my brothers.

Well, ZY asked, " Eh why u put our pictures? Did you tell them we're your brothers?"

I said no. However, I really got the urge to tell the whole class they're my brothers. I'm proud! People might say "Aiya, they're gansters and hooligans, how to last long sia.."

Well, I will not prove to anybody we will last long. Because I know we will last long.

Yeah, anyway my brothers made my day today after a LONG & TIRING day in SCHOOL.

p/s: DAPHNNE WONG! If you seeing these, let me tell you something! I'm going crazy! I'm going crazy! Let me tell you more some other day!

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