Sunday, May 4, 2008

The World Is Indeed Really Small

Tell you a story which you might think it's so unbelievable.

Shandy invited Jenson, Norin, Clovey, Superman (Jasper), John, Ming Yuan (M.Y) & Bing Zhong to her house to play mahjong.

As for me, my motive was to play with GIANT. Let me tell you more about who GIANT is.

Well, Superman, being the gentleman, went to fetch me from the MRT to Shandy's house. (FYI, her house was located at Choa Chu Kang. And I live at Eunos. Can you visualise? Yes? No? Don't Care? Oh well.)

While walking together, talked about some of my past experiences in XXX stuffs. Well, great talk anyway.

Reached her house, I saw someone familiar. I started running through many search engines through my head like a computer searching for files. After a few seconds, I finally recognise him.

After coming out from the toilet, Shandy asked me what school am I from. However, instead of answering her, I shouted the Shi Wei's name. Shi Wei is my primary school classmates and I must say, we used to be quite close. AND AND AND. Shandy and Shi Wei are cousins!

Me: That guy is your brother's friend?
Shandy: No! He's my cousin!
Me: *Shocked*

However, Shi Wei & I did not talk much. Was a little shy and at a loss for words either. Well, still happy. This is what I call fate. There's thousands and thousands of students at RP and it is really fate that Shandy & I could be in the same class for this semester.

(I'm feeling so excited even when I'm blogging about this right now.)

John & Clovey went home first as they could not stay for the night. What a pity! I miss them.

Jenson came later in the night which his friend drove him here.

Went to buy supper and we had a lot of leftovers. Well, so we decided to play games at the playground. Losers would have to finish up one mouthful of food. Super duper fun and exciting.

Went back to Shandy's house and we continued playing. However, everyone was eyeing on the oyster omelette. Eventually, MY, Jenson & I won. Haha.

Played Heart Attack and it was really a killer. KILLER. Haha. Extremely high you know! Shandy's boyfriend also joined in the fun as well.

After eating the leftovers, we had to find something more interesting to do. Well, we opened a bottle of wine and had it mixed with sprite and ice cream soda.

Extremely nice combination. Tasted so much like Ribena. Ended up most of all were kind of drunk.

Talking about GIANT. He's Shandy's dog, a golden retriever. EXTREMELY friendly, cute, aodrable, so good to cuddle! He's also very obedient.

I was sleeping on the sofa due to excessive amount of alcoholism. However, few hours later. I noticed something licking my hand. It was GIANT. Haha. He's extremely adorable! Well, patted and hugged him, and he went back to sleep.

Sleep all the way til the next morning and took a bathe.

Here are some random photos of him while he was sleeping! Could not resist it anymore so I decided to take pictures of him!

p/s: Shandy's parents are super duper ubber friendly! Extremely nice people in her family. And most of all, a super duper cute and adorable dog as being part of her family.

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