Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hong Kong's waters were once abundant with marine life, including 80 species of hard coral and around 1,000 species of fish including Sharks, Manta rays and Green turtles.

But today this once magnificent marine environment is suffering from pollution, development and overfishing. Things have got so bad that certain species are now heading towards extinction and the average weight of a local fish caught from trawling today is less than 10 grams!

Don't let Hong Kong's natural marine life be lost forever

Hong Kong is one of the most intensively fished places in the world with some areas being trawled with heavy weighted nets several times a day. As a result of uncontrolled fishing, populations of many species have crashed under a barrage of threats.

But it doesn't have to be like this. WWF believes the solution is to identify protection zones, which would enable marine life to survive undisturbed and thrive again.

Sign the petition and help save Hong Kong's Seas

Thank you,
WWF International

P/S: PLEASE PLEASE HELP. If you wish to help more, join WWF as a member like me! SIGN THE PETITION!

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