Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day Out With Girlfriends

Today was a happy day.

My girlfriends, Clovey & Shandy & I went to Haji Lane. We wanted to go there to take a look at the heritage, as well as the things they sell.

Wanted to go Arab Street to buy some crystals to "Zhng" our gadgets, however we do not bring enough cash.
Upon reaching Haji Lane, we saw some scribbles on the wall which we found it quite interesting.

Clovey & I was surprised to see this. Why? There was once where Clovey, Alicia, Norin & I teamed up for Enterprise Lessons. And Faci May commented that our presentation was very good, and she mentioned, "Power Girls!"

This is interesting. Haha. *Giggles*

So we continue looking around. We went to this shop, and I was totally fasinated by the number of vintage bags they displayed on the shelf. I was extremely happy and excited!

I'm sure you guys would be screaming infront of your monitor screen, right? I really had the urge to purchase all of them! It's ok, I will save up and when I have the money, I shall buy the red bag in the middle. That will be the first I want to buy.

While walking along the little stretch of shophouses along Haji Lane, I feel so cultured. I feel the tranquility of this little lane. Very peaceful, and full of serenity. As you can see the picture aboved, you guys will have a rough idea of what Haji Lane is all about - Heritage, Tradition etc.

At Haji Lane, you can find plenty of retro and vintage items which was brought down from the 50s to 60s time. With loads of vintage items bombarding the whole Haji Lane, you feel as if you have gone back to the past.

After exploring Haji Lane, we decided to go back to Bugis Junction for dinner.

We dine at Billy Bombers! The last time I ate was almost a year ago. I remembered the last time I dine @ Billy Bombers was with Jiashi. We went to the outlet at Marina Square and the food tasted terrible. Since then, Jiashi & I never stepped into Billy Bombers anymore.

However, I decided to give it a try again. To my surprise, it tasted better than the previous time! Good ambience, good service, good food, good girlfriends, what more can I ask for?

Beef Stew.
Shandy ordered this.

Very rich in flavour. Filled with mushrooms, beef cubes, strips of onions.

Snail Chicken & Cheese.
I ordered this. Served with abundant amount of brown sauce, mashed potato and sweet corn.

Serving may seem small. However, I find it good because you won't feel too bloated.

Sex On The Coast.
3 of us were recommended to try this. Very refreshing with good zest of Green Lime, blending other tropical fruits like cherry and kiwi etc.

Golden Honey-Stung Chicken.
Clovey ordered this. Served with crispy chicken, wedges and a small bowl of cheese sauce.

And this is Clovey & Me!

Did not manage to take pictures with Shandy because she is sitting opposite me! But it's ok. I still love her. (: Did take a group picture but it was in Shandy's camera!
I like this picture a lot because Clovey really looked cute in it!
Anyway, had a GREAT day. (:

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