Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mom & Dad came back from my sister's graduation ceremony. Finally, after 3 years, my sister has finally graduation from U.

Now, she will be moving to New York City at Auntie Helen's house. All of us hope she can find a good job at NYC. Went to draw lots for my sister,and the lot came out to be good. Once she has found a job, settle everything down, Brother & I can pay her a visit!

I'll be looking forward to that day. Now that her job is done, my parents will be pinning hopes on me. However, I am confident I can do well. Dad told me not to worry about the fees if I were to go overseas to study. So, my job now is to get good grades for my studies.

So happy that my parents have come home already. During the 2 weeks, my brother & I were so worried about not having enough money. Haha. However, great thank you to all my uncles (Maternal side) for taking very good care of us. Everyday without fail, they will give us a call to make sure everything is fine. As for my eldest uncle, who stays only a few blocks away from me (By the way, he lives the same block as Kexian!), never fail to buy us food like Soon Kueh or Ba Zhang, knowing that we like to eat those. Haha.

Every sunday, we would go down to my grandmother's house for a whole family gathering. I belong to the games corner. In my grandmother's house, there are 4 corners.

One corner would be the senior citizens corner. All my uncles and aunts will sit down to talk.

Second corner would be the Play Station 1 corner or Nintendo D64. Younger generations (My younger cousins) will play those.

Third Corner would be for the Older Generations (Around my age, or secondary school), we will play Xbox or PSP, or Nintendo Wii.

Fourth corner would be the technology corner. Cousins of my age and my uncles would sit down and talk about the latest technology. From computers, to MP3, to Camera, you name it, we talk about it. Recently, I'm talking about Nikon D60 to my uncle and he told me that it's quite good for a newbie like me. Actually, I needn't ask him. I have one classmate who knows quite a lot about photography. He's wan! (: As for the new speaker, iLuv, my uncle bought it for $379. However, I found a cheaper one! Only for $328! Haha. He said, "Wah Eunice why didn't tell me earlier!"

Very systematic. Everyone knows what they want to play and then, they would just sit down infront of the big screen. At times, you can hear them screaming off their heads infront of the screen too. You can hear my cousins cry too, sometimes. Because my cousins are those who cannot afford to lose. In their mind, they only want success and cannot tolerate failure. So if they lost a game, they can get very agitated and burst out in tears. Terrible Terrible. So much like my personality. Haha.

So now, I am learning to take failure as a lesson taught. Faci Martin encouraged me to read a book, 'Personality Plus'. Quite a nice and interesting book!

Whenever I go to my grandmother's house, I always feel the warmth in my heart. I like this feeling a lot.

Mom came back during the midnight and she wanted to surprise us with the things she bought for my Bro & I. She sneakily threw all the items on my sis's bed. When I woke up, I was astounded by the amount she bought. I'd never expected her to buy that much!

After one hour of sorting out, she bought me 7 track pants (Abercrombie & Fitch etc.), 5 shorts (From Tommy Hifilger), 14 tops, 2 dresses(From American Eagles), 2 bras, 2 panties, 2 hoodies, one jeans from GAP, 1 GUESS watch, 1 COACH wallet.

She bought my maid Ralph Lauren shirt! Oh man, I wanted Ralph Lauren Polo! But not that one with the big horse logo, I wanted to small logo one.

As for now, my wardrobe is exploding. Spent another hour throwing away all the clothes that I couldn't wear anymore because it was too large for me.

It was indeed a shock. Never in my entire life my mom would buy me so much clothes! Thank You, Mom & Dad.

I wore my GUESS watch to school and Hazwan was asked if it is men's watch. I think it's unisex. I like the watch a lot, though it's a little too manly. And he was there, wearing my watch for the whole day. ZzZ


I'm meeting my lovely classmates for outing! Going to Ban Leong's to eat crab! Famous Crabs they sell over there!

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