Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Went to check my stats from Nuffnang. WOAH, great number of people visiting my blog on 29 May 2008.

ANYWAY, let me tell you what happened on 29th May. My love, E35J had a "fight" with the next class. This was what happened.

My classmate, Ming Yuan posted some pictures of the AFRO hairstyle and offended one of the classmates of the K class. Upon seeing what my friend had posted on his blog (Which I think he has the right to blog ANYTHING he wants because I thought blog is something very personal and maybe he wishes to list down all his emotions and feelings about anything?), someone from the K class posted a tag on MY's blog. And after numerous of needles poking each other, the K class could not tolerate anymore and started barging into our class, and claimed to demand an explanation from us.

Well well well, I was puzzled by their actions because I simply do not know what my class and their class are quarrelling about. In fact, I do know that someone tagged MY's blog, but it's just that I did not bother to go and take a look. MOREOVER, I'm sitting at the table NEAREST to the door. So, my body was like, stiffed for a few seconds before my brain tells me, "Huh? WTF?".

Ok, I admit this is UBBER childish and immature of us to do that. But anyway, managed to clear this whole bullshit out of it. I seriously do not want any trouble or dramatic scenes between the 2 classes. I mean, it's not good right? We're just next to each other and something like this had to happen, over trivial matters.

All I can say is that it takes TWO hands to clap.

As a result, Faci Eugenia came looking for me and gave me, or infact the whole of J class a good scolding over the phone. She was the first one to call me. She was scolded like fuck from the Module head and this created a BIG HOOHA in school.

I was like, "Hmm Faci.. I understand how you feel, I understand.."

After hearing the other side of the story from the K class's Faci, it seemed that two stories were very contridicting. I seriously have no idea what Faci chose to give me a call.

During that time, I was in Eugene's car (Waiting for Hong Yie to end his meeting) and it happened to rain SO heavily that I almost could not hear what Faci Eugenia was trying to say.

Anyway, WHATEVER it is, All's well that ends well. It's sunshine after rain. So please, I hope we treat them with RESPECT, and vice versa.

Not trying to create another HOOHA over here (Come on, this is my blog. My readers are more interested in my food reviews and splendid advertorials.), but just to say what I feel. I seriously do not think I wrote something offensive. We are all young adults, I hope we can keep up with the maturity level in all of us. Treat this post like my personal reflection, instead.

Anyway, I think both classes are cool right now. I was told by MY that another outsider created trouble at his blog, imitating as someone from the K class.

p/s: I'm so happy that we had crabbing session! (Pictures will be up later on.) I should do a review on the shop, perhaps the next time I go there for crab! By the way, tommorrow meeting my lovely class for night cycling followed by a small BBQ! We're doing plenty of outing for the first week because the guys were complaining that their concession card is due on 9th June.

And, I really owe Jeremy an explanation. He's been waiting for my advertorial on his shop! In fact, I have already done it, but I have not posted it on my blog! Because I have not taken pictures of me wearing his lovely accessories.

BY THE WAY, his accessories can be found at various shops in Singapore. Here's one of the places!

41 Haji LaneSingapore 189 234

Went to Haji Lane, but only see a few accessories in that shop. For more, visit HOARD. Ok ok, no more advertising. I shall leave it to review I had written for him. (:

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