Saturday, April 12, 2008

Talking about my lovely class, I must say everyone has different and unique personality.

Let's talk about the girls first. In E35J, there are basically only 8 girls including me, the rest are all punks.

She claimed herself to be 'harmless' which I think she might be because she's got a sweet personality and treats everyone with a smile. Ubber friendly, great friend to be with.

Very soft spoken, very graceful and her smile will definitely melt everyone's heart. Nice working with her!

Gwenneth Kirsten
I wrote half of her full name because basically I like her name a lot. For this girl, don't ever speak in Chinese Language to her because she don't understand Chinese at all. She learns Malay instead. First day I met her was at Orientation. I thought she was an "Ah-Lian" who would give people scary looks and sorts of stuffs. But after knowing her, I told mysef not to judge a book by it's cover. She's a nice girl, out-spoken yet straight forward, which I like alot.

I'm also very straightforward, if I know you well.

Don't ever call her Jolly Shandy because if you call her that, be prepared to get five finger slaps from her. Though I don't get to team up with her for this week, I guessed I will still have another 15 weeks to do so. I'm not going to say nice person anymore because it seems every girl is so nice and it sounds boring. Very frank, she doesn't wear a masks out to school. She's so herself and I like it. I hate plastics, for god's sake.

Li Ting A.K.A Alicia
Worked with her for 2 days this week. Nice girl, very sweet and feminine. Also very gentle. But please don't be deceived by her gentle looks. She clubs! Haha. But I PUB.

I don't really know this girl well. Sorry for being so frank, but this is a fact. It's ok. We have 15 weeks, though.

For this week, I have worked with her for 2 days. Smart, diligent is all I can say about her. Her diligence really motivates you to participate more among your team members.

Sin Yee
I don't know anything about her. All we do was just to exchange a few words.

For the guys, I have a lot to say!

This arse always makes me laugh during presentation He's an arse! Damm you nigga! Haha. Great joker, his laughter is just an contagious as mine. Just by listening to his laughter could make your day. Very nice to talk with. By the way, you might think he's a Chinese because of his name, he's a malay in fact!

For this week, I worked with this guy for one day. Great Great Greaat guy. Hazwan, I feel like smashing your MacPro/Macbook (I forgot which)! When I heard that he was interested in photography, I really wanted to get to know him more! Extremely tall guy, and I always had difficulty talking to him, ending up getting muscles aches on my neck. Everytime I happened to glance at him, and he glance at me back, his trademark was to give a silly yet big smile. Great Great guy.

Shaku (I think I spelled wrongly)
Hazwan's Clique. Another cranky guy who always play around with Danial & Hazwan. Got a little vintage look and his hair really makes you think he's a gothic or emo punk. Overall, he's the man.

Naquiddin (You can call him Naq)
He's the Mr. Politics! We all call him Naqipedia. Because he's so as knowlegable as Wikipedia, we decided to call him Naqipedia or Mr. Politics. Very expressive and out-spoken guy, I had a great time working with him during Science class! He is a mix blood. Therefore, be it Chinese or English, he knows it all.

Jun Hao A.K.A Jasper A.K.A Superman
The hunk in our class claims to be the SUPERMAN in our class. He wore the SUPERMAN shirt for the second day and when the teacher ask for his name, he said "SUPERMAN". Therefore, we all call him Superman or Jasper the friendly ghost. Charlie Chaplin in our class. In case you dont know who is Charlie Chaplin, he's a well-known comedian. You dont even know who is he? Gosh, bang yourself against the wall.

Li Hao
The 'Ah-Beng' in our class. Very comical and he's head of full of cranky and stupid ideas to debate against the Faci or us during Presentation. Overall, Nice guy to hang around with.

Very friendly guy. During project work, he's always full of suggestions and creative ideas which made us finish our PPT faster than any other groups. I had fun with this guy during Maths lesson.

Ming Yuan
He's the low-profile guy. He attended class only the second day and was very quiet. However, once you get to know, he's very cheeky. Not a bad guy either.

Jun Wei & Bing Zhong
These two are the shy ones. Nothing to say about them basically they don't take the initiative to talk to me either.

The extreme gamer. Be it Viwawa, Dota, you name it, he plays it. He's got the looks of an IT expert. Born in China but was extremely poor in his Chinese because he came to Singapore since he was 6.

Crappy guy. I'm very sorry for toppling his iced coffee over in class and was really embarrassed! When I wanted to compensate him, he told me the coffee cost him 25bucks! Shocked.. Shocked. But I know he's joking. Ever since that incident, he's been crapping with me everytime I asked him a general question. Haha, very adorable guy.

Zhen Wei
I can't seem to think of an adjective against him but all I can say was that he loves mahjong.

I can't remember the rest! Sorry.

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