Thursday, April 10, 2008

Indulgz Bistro

I'm so excited!

Because pictures will be shown to you very shortly and these pictures are probably the best shots I've taken for all my life! My good friend, Jiashi had just bought a camera a few days ago, Nikon D60. And being the curious me and so interested in photography [But I could not afford to pay for the courses], I have decided to take a few pictures.

This is Nikon D60.

Yesterday, I went for an interview at Indulgz Bistro as a part-time waiter. This is the ever first time I met Christin after both of us have sent so many emails to each other. Extremely pleasant and nice personality.

After interview, I met Jiashi, Zeus & Nicholas [ Nicholas is in the same school as I am, so we went together] for dinner at Indulgz Bistro.

Nice ambience, soothing and relaxing atmosphere, good easy-listening music played in the bistro, perfect place for couples and friends for a small gathering.

This is what we called 'Contrast' in laymen term:

Lobster Bisque & Seafood Baked Rice.
Rich flavour of cheese and fresh seafood.

This is taken without flash.

My Mango Juice.
Nothing Special, but I just wanted to drink something healthy.

Chef's Cripsy Pasta With Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce.

Jiashi ordered this dish, which I think was very well-done. The next time I'll be eating might probably be this dish.

This is the one taken with flash. Look how nice it looks!

Elvis Pop With Ice Cream. Zeus's dessert.

Not a good quality picture, but just to introduce to you this delicious, warm and melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

Double Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream.

I ordered this because I thought Jiashi was going to share it with me. Ended up, she was too full after eating the crispy pasta and I had to gobble up this entire dessert! However, I never regret ordering this! Simple as it looks, but you will know what it takes to make a good brownie that simply just melts into your mouth. With the perfect combination with vanilla ice cream, it's way to gorgeous-ness.

Pictures of people will not be shown here because this is basically a food post!

How I wish Hazwan will be reading my blog! By the way, I have made with a friend [He's my classmate] who loves and is learning photography. Perhaps I could also get some advise from him! A great guy and full of humour.

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