Tuesday, April 15, 2008

11th April 2007

Went Breathless for a drink. This time we had 4 barrells + 1 small jug of beer. I know beer doesn't take as nice as hard liquor. However, CKTs were on a tight budget. So we had no choice but to drink beer!

Saw Zhi Yang, Cheng Yong & Feng Yao. Sang, drink, and Arnold was drunk. Had a good chat with Nelson, Zhen Lu, and Yuyang! They really made my day after one stressful day at school.

Ok, anyway here is the picture of my classmates. A lot of are in the picture because we're having break. This was taken using Superman's webcam!

My Lovely Class - E35J!
The next time I want a full class photo!

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