Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sorry readers!

I've been so hectic since the start of school and I must say I am starting to enjoy PBL Learning.

In case anyone of you have no idea what PBL Learning is, I shall explain vaguely.

PBL Learning is Problem Based Learning. This means everyday, Republicans will be given a problem statement and form teams to solve the problem statement. Every end of the day, each team would need to have a presentation on how to solve the problem statement. And I tell you, it really suck your brain juices really well. We have to think and analyse extremely deeply.

Like any other ignorant people, I also thought that PBL Learning was no good because it was different and new compared to other Polytechnic. However, now I think that PBL is actually more useful as compared to notes and theories.

There is no right or wrong or definite answers in PBL. Each of us have different styles and ways of thinking and as long as each thinking and analysis is logical, answers will be accepted. One more thing! In RP, we emphasis ALOT on teamwork and co-operation.

Another thing, our school is a Conservatonist! We don't use papers during lessons time and the most important thing in RP is not those thick and dead notes and theories where other schools would carry along their way to school. What we need is just a laptop. In Republic Polytechnic, laptop is mandatory for every student.

Because laptop is extremely important to us and have already become part of our (Republicans)'s lives, our school set up a IT Help Desk whereby students can make appointments to repair their laptops.

Today is the 4th day I'm receiving PBL and I'm happy! I like to do presentation.

Do you know for the 1st day, I kept stammering during presentation?! However as days goes by, I enjoy it alot and I definitely feel more out-spoken, confidence and somehow overcome my fear of public-speaking.

Next post will be on my 3rd day orientation and pictures of food that I dine at with Jiashi & Co.!

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