Thursday, April 3, 2008

Second Day Orientation.

Met up with Jing Hao and went school together. Went to Agora Halll 4 to assemble. Really had a lot of fun today!

We played many games like The Amazing Race. Jing Hao & I got lost from our team mates because they ran too fast. Ended up, our team won the 1st price and got some tibits as prizes. Very lame. I was interested in the school's shirt but ended up it's only for the Student leaders! However, each of us will be getting one school T-shirt!

Then we played "Blow Wind Blow". It was sort of an ice-breaking game. I was too engrossed in the game that I didn't knew my knees had gone red. But, it was fun! A lot of screaming and shouting.

As for the third day of orientation, our school will be breaking a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD in competiting against the US by encouraging us to join the Leapfrog World Rec0rd Attempt. Previously, US had 1200 people to join. Now, our school intends to get 1400 people to finish the Leapfrog.

Judges from the Guinness World Record will be coming to our school tomorrow to personally watch our competition to avoid cheats. We also have to follow the Guinness rules or the competition won't be counted at all.

At night, we will have a party which some people who may want to experience the atmosphere of clubbing, right in our school, our school will invite famous Live Band for us to play music and dance!

Therefore, our party only ends at 9pm. That means we will be in school for 12 hours! As we need to reach school by 9am.

I hope we can break the guinness world record!

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