Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First day of orientation was extremely boring. Was taught on how PBL (Problem Based Learning) works in Republic Polytechnic. All of us (Qy, Rainer, Nicholas, Jing Hao, Eugene Cher, Jasmine) decided to leave at 12 noon during lunch break.

Good news was there won't be any major exams in RP. However, there will be UT (Understanding Test) every 2-4 weeks after each module is being taught.

We do not need to carry notes and big notes booklets like the other Polytechnic would do. All we need was just a laptop. We take tests using laptop, we study modules using laptop. Our school really uses a lot of high technology.

I'm beginning to like my school.

Well, first semester, we will all be learning the same thing, Math & Science.

Well, went to Causeway Point for lunch @ Pizza Hut. Had a full lunch before heading on to Orchard. Went to chill at starbucks. Showed Qy some of the "greatest" tattoos pictures ever on earth and she was damm high, I swore! Bitched around with her and Rainer, hopping on different disgusting blogs.

Went to Wisma and saw Sharol Pek. In the girls' toilet. Had a little chat with her regarding her maid stealing her money. Haha. So curious you know! It's also the first time I talked to her in real person.

Then, went to TOPSHOP and helped the guys to choose some clothes. We helped Nicholas to choose some nice T-shirts to show his Abs, that stubborn ass said it was too revealing! He's extremely CLICHE.

On the way back, played PSP. I restarted Crisis Core because I got lost in the game. Ubber lame.

That's my day. How I wish I was this happy everyday. I hope everyday we could be this way, talk, eat, bitch, and laugh. I am happy today. Haha.

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