Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our team did a skit today. Hazwan, Danial, Alphy & I were in a team. Today's skit was not as good as the one during cultural lesson last week.

Still having fever these few days. Mom suspected that the anti-biotics are not working or not strong enough.

I complained to my Faci today about how expensive my medicine were. And for your information, Faci's husband is a doctor and her husband's father owns a pharmacy.

As for my family, we are in a pharmaceutical business, so I'd of cause feel closer to this particular Faci.

She looked through my medicine and said that those medicine were cheap medicines. Definitely not worth 82bucks.

Back to the skit, Hazwan acts as the narrator (He's good), Danial & I will act in the skit. Alphy will be in charge of the presentation slides.

Today was quite a happy day. Danial, Hazwan & I kept laughing for the whole day.

While writing the script for our skit, I made a stupid mistake but it was extremely humurous. 3 of us burst out into laughter until our face turned to red.

I had so much fun teaming up with these 2 punks lah.

Today, our class was so horny and kept talking about dirty stuffs. Even among our team. Danial & Hazwan, these 2 hunks were really.... I shadn't eleborate further. Sitting on the chair can also have sex appeal! Alamak man.

During lunch time, Shakur, Superman, Alicia, Naq, Ross & I went for the Cambodia CE talk.

Lot's of happy memories flashed across my mind when I saw those pictures. I even thought of crying. I miss the people there. I miss the happy days over there. I miss doing volunteer work for the people over there.

I never regretted going for CIP years ago with my secondary school. I see how the poor struggle for survival. I once went to a school to distribute baguettes. I remembered this small boy taking a bun from me. After a few mintues, he would kept taking buns from me. Initially, I was quite pissed off because I could have given the buns to other children. However, when I was told my another local that he wanted to collect buns for the rest of his family. Actually, The whole family had heard of news of us coming to distribute the buns. Upon hearing this, it was really heart-breaking.


On Monday, we had a debate. Hazwan, Alicia, Zhen Wei, Bing Zhong & I were given a statement to debate with Danial's team.

Naq and Shandy's team kind of support us because we make more sense during debating.

My throat was sore but I had no choice but to shout and fight for our stand. That definitely is so attention-seeking. I want this! I want everyone to listen to us tentatively.

After school, went for CE talk. Our class was so united that almost most of us went for the CE talk. Had lots of fun gathering with my class.

Saturday will be my first Photography meeting! Woohoo! after that, we will head on to Shandy's house to play!!

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