Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eunice is sick.

Eunice is sick.

All these costs $82, fuck the doctor.
I'm not a Juicy Cheesy Sausage Bun right now.

I'm a melting Sausage Bun Girl now.

Thanks to Hazwan, I've got his flu. Not only flu, but sore throat, and most of all, High Fever, 38.5 degrees celsius.

On Friday, He was squatting beside me when I asked him for some help about the Programming thing, He was 'meddling' with his freaking nose, obviously he's got a cold as well. I thought it was just alright to talk to him face to face because I thought flu is not contagious at all. But after today, it proves me wrong.

I'm very miserable right now!

And my whole body is so hot, therefore melthing sausage girl.

I swear I'm gonna make fun of Hazwan, then strangle him!

But thanks to him, I've got a sexy voice, I can seduce any man! Haha.

I've got Medical Leave for Monday, but I ain't gonna miss ANY lessons. Because Monday is Cognitive Processes Lesson, and the Faci is so hot hot hot.

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