Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Was supposed to watch Iron Man today. Instead of the discounted price of $6, it was $10.50. Today was the eve of a public holiday, hence it was more expensive.

Alright, Hazwan was overjoyed upon hearing us cancelling today's outing. He wanted to join us for the movie but was caught up with CCA meeting. Well, his wish came true. And he was smiling so widely. Feel like killing him, you know. He hitted me today and Faci saw it. Faci was totally shocked. And there the Faci goes, "How can you beat her just like that?!"

And what did he do? Just give a silly smile. Alamak.

This is the proof of how cruel and vulgar he is today to me!

Names have been cut short.

He's wife (His MacPro, he called her 'wife') spoilt weeks ago and he had no choice but to lend a laptop from the school. He chose a laptop which was amazingly cool. There was a pen attached to the laptop and he started playing with it.

Subsequently, we've been playing with it. Well, as usual, Shakur & I couldn't be bothered with him. Yawns.

Ever wondered why I am always talking about the same people in my blog? Because these people are the one who always team up with me! And these people happened to be so cranky, always 'HIGH', and crappy like me. That's why we always so noisy, always laughing. Sometimes, we can just look at each other and laugh for no reason. I think I should consult a shrink soon.

Classmates like Shandy, Clovey and Superman, I've never teamed up with them before! I seriously suspect whether is the Faci doing his/her job.

I want to team up with them! Just one time, I will be contented. Ma Ma Mia.

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