Thursday, April 24, 2008

I have a new name, Bobby.

On Wednesday, while we were having Contemporary Issues in Culture and Aesthetics lessons, this is the first time I find cultural lesson sooooo ubber fun.

Out of all the five subjects we're taking, cultural lessons is one of the subject that we year one students hated a lot because it is really very brain teasing. Well, so on that day, instead of 23 people, only 17 people in our class went for cultural lesson.

However, I started to like it already. One thing is because I like the Faci, she's cute. Haha.

So happy that Shakur & Hazwan was in the same team as me. It would be best if Danial & Naq could team us with us.

The Faci told 2 students in our class to volunteer reading out the problem statement. Hazwan & I volunteered to read it out. Hazwan will be reading out the narratives as Mr. Yippy while I will be Mr. Bobby.

This is our problem statement. Don't feel that we're lame to give such problem statements because I think it's very good. In cultural lessons, they always give problem statements which we human beings have never thought of it before.

Two friends are chatting at the MRT station while waiting for the train to arrive.

Yippy: Look at that! Everyone’s keeping to the left on the MRT escalators. I wonder why.
Bobby: That’s really quite a common sight. I keep to the left whenever I get on the escalators at the train station too.
Yippy: Really? Why do you do that?
Bobby: Don’t know actually...

Examine why we think or do things in a certain way.

Well, you know the guys in my class were really fond of teasing me. So since then, they called me Bobby. They said Bobby suits me because I'm plump too. Haha.

On that day for presentation, our team decided to do a skit. Hazwan will act as the reporter. I will act as a customer of a very well known chicken rice stall. Shakur will be the chicken rice stall owner. It was really funny and exciting! As I was acting as a typical customer, I have to act really very 'aunty'. 3 of us kept laughing non stop. Even the Faci couldn't stop laughing.

I was the one who made the script ok! Haha. But without Hazwan & Shakur's sense of humour, my script would be meaningless.

The other teams were very cute and funny too. Especially Danial's team. For the whole 5 teams presentations, we were laughing non stop. We just could not stop laughing.

Let me tell you in class, who are the ones who always laugh with me. Hazwan, Naq, Danial & Shakur. 5 of us can really laugh non stop for the slightest thing. We would keep teasing each other for nothing.

I hope to have a full class photo pleaseeeeee!

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