Friday, April 18, 2008


Today was such a happy day. My lovely class had a class outing but I wasn't able to make it. Ubber sad. Because I had to be home early to celebrate my brother's birthday.

As usual, I was the joke of the day. As long there is presence of Hazwan, Shakur & Danial, I will be teased everyday. EVERYDAY ok. Haha. But I feel so happy joking, and laughing out loud with them. They're really extremely cool guy. I really feel soooo blessed to be in E35J because all my classmates are the coolest and funkiest people in the world.

Yesterday night, I was chatting with Mr Hazwan, and he said he would bring his professional camera to school for a class photo. However, out of a sudden, he postpone the photo session and postponed it! I'm so disappointed! I want to take pictures with Hazwan, Danial & Shakur can!

Nobody can understand how good my class is. Because only if you're in it, you will know. Ok, I know I sound fucking naggy and always praising my class. But I still want to say, E35J are the best and most intelligent people on this planet.

I'm so happy because I will be teaming up with Mr Wan on Tuesday and Mr Danial on thursday! Shakur! I want to team up with you also lah. )):

After school, went to Agora Hall and saw Faci playing Foosball. My Faci was extremely cute while playing Foosball with the other seniors. I went over to call him and he said, "Yes, it's fun." Haha. Such a cute Faci.

Anyway, today we learn Programming and the Faci was quite satisfied with our presentation. We thought we would be getting a FAIL for our daily grade. However, after we present, the Faci commented that we will not fail! I wish to get another 'A' from him.

I feel better after telling Clovey about the previous post. At least someone is willing to hear me out! She's really such a darling. In fact, all the girls in my class are extremely lovable. Haha.

Hazwan, Shakur & Danial really love dancing while listening to music. They just can't stop!

I want to be present for the next outing! OK.OK.OK!

And you guys know what. I had to avoid places like the window grills and panes, the door. Because those guys were afraid that I would knock onto them. I think they think I'm silly and clumsy. Once there was a crack on the metal grill, and Danial said it was because my head knocked onto it that causes the crack on the metal thing. MAD. And so, Jasper, Jenson, The 3 Musketeers and perhaps almost everyone started laughing. ALAMAK man.

So I was in the lift once and the 3 Musketeers were teasing at me for losing my wallet again and I squatted down to check if I had taken my wallet. I almost knocked onto the metal grill but I was lucky enough not to knock onto it. I think Hazwan also tried covering it for me to prevent my head from knocking. It was stupid Danial, always teasing me.

But, without them, I would be ubber bored in class.

I will be teased for the next 4 months. Haha.

I will be teased for the next 4 months. Haha.

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