Thursday, April 17, 2008

HEY people!

Today science's lesson was god damm challenging. It was about Physics. And I really hate Phy. I am god damm good in Chemistry, but suck hell at Phy. I hate it to the core. Whatever Ohm's Law or shit, I seriously don't care. Haha.

Something interesting happen in our Block E3 Level 5. The opposite classroom of ours left after 2nd meeting. And the WHOLE class were so 'united' as to leave. They wrote a note on the board something like, "Dear Faci, we have uploaded our presentation. Blah Blah.... Bye Bye."

When the Faci came into the class, she was totally shocked and I guessed she almost broke down. Pitiful her, she was sitting down in the classroom, hoping that her students would come back. But hell no, all of them have left.

Well, upon see how 'united' they are, the classroom next to them also had thought of eloping. In the end, their class wasn't 'united' enough and so, only half the class left. The reasons why they left was not because science was too difficult, it was because they hated the Faci.

Our class was somewhat being influenced. However, I tried persuading them to stay on as running away from class is extremely a irresponsible thing to do. And if we were to run away, how are we going to face the Faci for the next few months? Well, in the end, I guessed they were being convinced by me (Of cause, I'm stating a fact, logically) and so we had no choice, but to continue doing our presentation.

I really don't wish to see my lovely class being black listed or marked down by any Facilitators. Because we're simply too adorable and lovely to be black listed. We don't deserve such treatment! So even though we may have difficulty in doing the presention for today's problem statement, at least we tried! Rather than eloping! So, I shall praise my class, E35J, again for being the most adorable, innocent and naive class. Haha.

I love my class.

But those guys kept disturbing me. They said I'm a Sausage Girl (SG). Because ever since school started, I've been living on sausage bun in school everyday. I can't help it, I like sausage bun!

And those guys in my class kept singing, "She Bangs" to me! It was Jenson who started this! Because I once accidentally knocked onto the window while looking out and the knock was so loud that the front two tables could hear it. And so, the people sitting in the front laughed so loud while I was in pain. But afterall, I still love my class. Haha.

Ok, I sound quite messy. OVERALL, I was the joke of the day, in fact, everyday. Haha.

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