Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quick update!

Went to Sentosa with Jiashi, Nicholas, Rainer, Wei Qing, Teo Xiang & Shing Chen.

Took the Luge and Skyride package. It was damm fun and cool. Rainer & I both are afraid of heights but we still managed to have the skyride. Afterall, it wasn't that scary as it seemed to be.

Went to Imbiah Lookout. Went to Subway for lunch before heading on to Siloso Beach.

Played volleyball and freezbie.

Rainer, Js and I did some sun-tanning and we had a little war in the sea whereby we splashed each other in the sea.

My whole body is aching due to lack of exercise.

And best of all, I have become tanner and I think I look nicer being well-tanned. Suddenly, I just realised that having a white complexion doesn't means you look good!

Next week, most probably we'll be heading to Wild Wild Wet for some water games.

But I still want to go Palawan Beach!

We shall see how.

After leaving Sentosa, went to TOPMAN and Rainer went to get himself some boxers before having lunch at Food Republic.

After that, headed to Bugis and Rainer got himself a white skinny jeans. I was quite embarrassed when I barged into the Men's fitting room just because Rainer tell me to do so. Jiashi followed me behind and one of the staffs stopped her 3 times. It was quite hilarious.

Then, we headed on to Sim Lim Square. To get my baby PSP Slim.

Nicholas & Rainer did all the bargaining while I stood beside them like an idiot. Basically, I don't understand what they are talking about regarding PSP and the versions, I simply don't know at all. So I leave all the negotiating and talking to the guys and all I need to do it just to pay!

Finally, I got my PSP Slim and took a cab with Rainer & Jiashi.

I Love You, PSP Slim!

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eastcoastlife said...

Congrats on your acceptance to Republic Poly!

Sentosa will be much more fun when the IR opens!