Saturday, February 23, 2008

Republic Poly: Pharmaceutical Science

I've been posted to Republic Poly to study Pharmaceutical Science.

Initially, I was extremely depressed about going to RP basically because it's extremely far away from my house. I'm living in the east and RP is located at West.

Many friends encouraged me to appeal to other schools but after serious thoughts, I decided not to appeal.

I thought to myself, Even if I were to change school, do I have to find the course that I liked too? Yes, I need. Unfortunately, other schools were not able to give me the course I liked.

Ended up, Rainer, Nicholas & I ran about almost the whole of Temasek Poly. Lucky enough, Rainer's Uncle (Or rather church friend) was the manager of TP's student welfare and he gave us a lot of advises before we went appealing.

I wanted to get into Business course. However, I flunked my Accounts & Humanities. Therefore, I was posted to science courses.

I felt quite depressed because why people getting poorer results than me can go other schools that I wanted to go as well, and not me?

Anyway, I went to the website and I was glad that MOE didn't post me to any some weird courses and infact, they posted me to this course!

I went to look at the introduction of the course, as in what would I study for the next 3 years and my career aspects. Basically, I need to study about medicine. Be it western medicine, chinese medicine (TCM), I need to study both.

Well, I feel quite proud to be able to study medicine! (After so much persuading and encouragement from my parents since they both are in a pharmaceutical business)

Seriously, I'm actually quite interested in Medicine. So, I shall not feel sorry for myself just because I got into RP. Who knows, years later RP shall be the best poly in Singapore? As long as I know I must study real hard these 3 years, get a good GPA, further my studies, I should be fine.

One can resign to fate, but One must not admit defeat.

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