Monday, February 18, 2008

Is it Miami's Ink or LA ink?

I was hopping onto some blogs and I realised that out of 10 blogs I visited, 6 of them listed getting a tattoo under their resolutions.

I've seen so many people having a tattoo on their body and I started thinking to myself. Do those tattoos on their body symbolise something so worth remembering for that you have to get it imprinted on your body or is it because they think it's cool and they think that people getting tattoos are not to be trifle with?

The reason is the latter. These few months, I've been watching Miami's Ink & LA Ink on TV. These two shops are probably the best tattoo shops around the world, for me. Great tattooist like Ami James and Kat Von D have tattoos all around their body. However, each tattoo on their body symbolises something.

Everytime I watch these shows, I always cried. Because every customer who came in for a tattoo actually had a bad encounter in life or a sad story behind it.

Suddenly, I finally had a change of impression of tattoos. My family was totally against tattoos. Simply, we hated people with tattoos. In such a conservative country like SG, people affliate hooligans with tattoos, which I think was totally insane and stupid. People getting tattoos because it's sophiscated or cool are plain stupid. I don't know why, but I think if you're trying to impress everybody by putting a lame tattoo which symbolises nothing on your body, then go bang yourself against the wall.

Well, so one day, Mom, Shaun & I was watching Miami's and I asked Mom, "Those tattoos they did are awesome right? (In Mandarin)" She nodded her head and said, "It would be beautiful if you have tattoos on your legs, especially on the front."

I told her, if Shaun were to get a tattoo, he said he wanted to put on his biceps or at his back. Mom disagree initially but I explained to her, "IF, I mean."

I told her that I would get one on my ankle and she kept quiet. Did silent really means consent? Or she couldn't be bothered to reply me? I don't know.

But, Shaun & I were really inspired by Ami James and his brotherhood. And now, I'm really tempted to get a tattoo! Alright, wait til I get to go LA or Miami.

If I were to get a tattoo, I'd definitely get one from them. And no one else.

Random post. Catch Miami's Ink on weekdays at 11pm and LA's Ink every wednesday at 11pm on Channel 16 Discovery Travel & Living.

* From Left: Kim Saigh, Corey Miller, Kat Von D (Owner), Hannah Aitchison, Pixie Acia (Shop Manager)

Beautiful Kat Von D

Kat Von D was supposed to be a member of Miami's Ink as she was supposed to take over the job for Darren Brass because of his injured hand. However, Ami James fired her because of personal grudges and differences against each other. Hence, Kat decided to open up her own dream tattoo shop in LA.

*From left: Darren Brass, Apprentice Yojiro Harada aka Yoji, Ami James (Owner), Chris Nuñez (Co-Owner), Chris Garver

It's not just an art. It's a brotherhood.

Ami James. I like him a lot. Basically because I find him extremely charming, and handsome. If I had a boyfriend like him. Aw.
Isn't this post so random? Haha.

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