Saturday, February 16, 2008

Family in trouble.

Mom, Shaun & I went to the Si Ma Lu Guan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street. I went to thank the god for being able to get into Poly. Then, Mom went to draw lots for our family.

One of the lot was regarding our family situation. The lot was bad. It says," Family in trouble......."

After a few days, I had a bad dream one night. I dreamt of my Granny. I dreamt of her lying on the bed at East Shore Hospital. Dad, Shaun & I was beside her bed. She reached her hands out to me. I held her hands softly. She told me, " Don't quarrell. Don't follow your uncle. Don't. We must live harmoniously." After saying that, her eyes started to get heavier and heavier. Slowly bit by bit, she closes her eyes, with tears trickling down her cheeks. And she left us.

I woke up, and finding my face full of tears. I asked myself, is that a dream? Why does it feel so real? Am I really dreaming?

I wanted to tell my mom, but I'm scared of telling her. In fact, I'm terrified. I felt so creepy after dreaming. I'm so afraid that my dream would come true.

I kept to myself for a few days before telling my sis on MSN. Sis suggested I tell Mom about this.

Few days later, we went to Fu Lu Shou Complex to find Recca. Indeed, Recca told us to be prepared. Because someone in our family, close to Dad will pass away this year. Dad will be in very poor health which leads to faint or collapse. Dad will meet with an accident while driving. So he have to be careful when driving. Mom would have to take care of her legs.

My Mom was semi-paralysed. Her left leg was paralysed. She could not be able to bend her joints at all. Therefore, many a times, she had to count on her right leg to walk.

When I came back from visiting from Mrs Kong's house, Mom sat down and told me all these. I was devastated. I told myself not to be superstitious. However, many a times, Recca proved to me that her prediction was always so accurate.

I don't blog about my family situation doesn't mean I'm always very lucky, always happy as a family. In fact, all of us haven't been sleeping well for months because of Granny.

She kept screaming and shouting non stop for no reasons during the wee hours, making us so difficult to sleep. I was the worst because I was an extreme light sleeper. In addition, my room was just next to hers. Everyday, without fail, I would get up of bed and dashed out of the room to see what happened to Granny. I feel so frustrated everyday. I don't get enough sleep. I suffered from insomnia. It was so difficult to get to sleep and just when I was about to sleep, Granny would start shouting.

When I tried getting back to sleep after pacifying Granny, I couldn't get back to sleep. Therefore, my eyes turned swollen and heavy.

My body was telling me, "Eunice, do you know you're worn out? Do you know you don't have enough sleep everyday? You're extremely tired."

Granny's condition was getting from bad to worst. She kept telling us her leg was pain but it was all psychology. Her leg have recovered long ago but she kept asking for medicine few times a day. Many a times, we even had to give her Morphine.

Morphine acts as a pain killer. However, you can get addicted to Morphine. Many drug addicts died because of Morphine. Just like steriods, Morphine can't be bought without doctor certification or at any pharmacies.

Morphine Side Effects:
warmth, tingling, or redness under your skin;
nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite;
dizziness, headache, anxiety;
memory problems; or
sleep problems (insomnia).

When I hear all these, I really got the urge to find my uncle. I really got the urge to punch him. Because of him, our family was never in peace. He drove Granny out of the shophouse at Bedok Interchange. He locked Granny's safe deposit which contains Granny's savings. Because of Granny's inheritance, he had a mess out of it and even took Granny's money. Uncle's wife steal money from the shop and accused my Dad of stealing it. Not only that, Uncle even told everybody that Dad stole Granny's money.

Everytime Uncle visit Granny, he only asked for money. He even tried thinking of ways to deal with us, cheating Granny of her money. Even Granny's funeral money, my uncle never fails to quarrell with us over it.

I'm not ashamed to say all these because I want everybody to know how bad my Uncle is. He's not a good guy. He did a lot of mean things you all didn't know.

I only know if Granny passed away and still continued asking for Granny's money, I would give him a punch and wake his senses up. Even a 3-year old kid know what is kinship.

I don't want all these to happen. I don't want Granny to pass away. I've never experienced the pain of losing loved ones. And I don't want to experience that. No, no.

But what can I do now? All I could do was to only cry while blogging about this, cry in my bed like a crybaby. I only know how to cry.


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