Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Next coming Friday, 11 January 2008, My sis will be setting off back to Buffalo and my cousin, will be setting off to a completely foreign place, different environment, Washington, Virginia.

He will be going there for 6 months to do an exchange programme.

His flight would be early in the morning while my sis's flight would be late in the afternoon. So what do we do in the meantime? Shopping? Ha.

'O' Levels results will be up this month but there's still no news of the date release either on the net or on the television. Everyone's been anticipating the release of the results. I've even tricked some of my friends by telling them that the release is on 9 February. Fools. Ok, I'm a fool too, by fooling you guys.

Anyway I'm anticipating the day when My Dad, Mom and I will be flying over to NYC, Buffalo for my Sis's graduation ceremony!

Right now, I've been trying to save and scrimp just to save lot's and lot's of money to shop at US! The clothes there are so cheap and seriously, my Sis told me that F21 clothes over there are fking cheap! HAHA! People who buy clothes from F21 in Singapore are FOOLS!

Ok, I know I may be offending a lot of bimbos right now, but I don't care! Because I'm not in a good mood.

So right now, I've been thinking of money for almost every day, every minute, every second until I'm going crazy! As long as there's anyway to earn extra bucks, I go for it!

Like I went for factory job. Supposed to be a job for labourers and I actually went for it! See, Money will make one lose to think rationally. After working for just one day, my shoulders ache like hell, and my back is killing me.

But I like some of the people over there. The supervisors are quite good. I really admire Jing Hao & Albert who can worked there for so long! Not worth it just to earn a thousand bucks a month.

So I would rather get lesser money, but instead, sit infront of the computer for the whole day, play TheSIMS for a while, then back to work, listen to calls, do GST records, happy life.

Ok, I shall put all the things I wanted to buy at US in my planner book. Books, Clothes, Undergarments (Oh I tell you the undergarments over there are so much nicer than the ones selling at TRIUMPHS, Marks & Spencers are good)Shoes, Delicacies, Branded stuffs like Juicy Couture, COACH, Branded Cosmetics that sells so much cheaper over there and a lot more!

I'm going to spend and spend like hell! I shall bear with it for the time being and tell myself not to shop and buy anymore things from any shopping malls.

Maybe I can get Jiashi's DVD that she wanted too! Jiashi, I will try my best to find it!

So Guys, if you need anything, tell me and I may get it for you, as long as u have the money to pay me! There were such cases whereby I helped someone to buy so many things but ended up not getting money from her.

So now I shall be smarter, if you're not my very good friend, or u think that you're someone not worth helping to buy for, then don't approach me, because I simply won't bother to entertain you, arse.

Ok, I'm not in a good mood. Mood Swings.

Jeremy's website is really tempting me to buy more things from him! I like all his necklaces! Maybe I should get one or two more things from him before making a full advertorial for him, hor?

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eastcoastlife said...

Hi Eunice!
Happy New Year!

Wah! Going to USA! You would want to buy a lot of things. Everything you see, you want to buy. hehe....

Good luck on your Os.