Friday, January 11, 2008

Buffalo Trip

New updates!

I want to thank ECL for reading my blog! She's one good Momma who won Blog Awards and I'm glad to know her. I thought she was just one reader who would read and beat her butt and just go. But she's not! I'm so touched.

I will be going to Buffalo probably after getting my result slips, after applying for Poly admission etc.

I won't be able to attend Sis's graduation ceremony because college will be starting in mid May and Sis's grad ceremony is on 10 may 08.

Well, will be going Buffalo for a month and I promised Jiashi to get the thingd she wanted. (It's actually her 2007 birthday present which I dragged until now, I feel kinda bad)

Well, went to have steamboat with the coolest people on earth, my two very good friends, Nicholas & Jiashi. If you guys read my blog often, I always mention the same people, the same common names u would hear. Nicholas, Jiashi, Zhi Yang etc.

Basically these people made a big difference in my life and without them, I wouldn't be the present Eunice.

I suddenly realised that I don't need many friends, What I need was just a few very good friends, that's enough. In the past, I used to not understand what my sis was always trying to tell me. She told me that in life, we do not need a lot of friends, what we need was just a few very good friends to keep your life going, share woe and weal etc etc.

Until today, I finally realised that Life isn't a bed of roses, and I've seen the evil side of many people and after one big round, I finally know who's good to me, and vice versa.

I've known Jiashi since Secondary 2, and we weren't that close at that time, until when we were in Secondary 4, we became very close and I felt as if I have known her for some good ten years.

Well, I guess all these are just affinity.

Ok, so we had steamboat at Golden Mile, Beach Road. Reason why I want to go there because the steamboat is very good. Air-conditioned, (not like Marina Bay, very economical and I guess quite sleazy? I don't know.) and they serve very fresh food. You taste it, you know it.

My family and I always go there for steamboat every 2-3 weeks and we never get tired of it even though we've been eating the same thing over and over again.

The bill cost us only $58, which good sumptous spread of seafood, fresh and greeny vegetables, and we ordered a plated of mixed meat plate, consisting of white chicken breast, Char Siew & Roast Pork. However, my sixth sense somehow tell me that Jiashi haven't got much appetite to eat because she's sick! For a total of 5 days. And I really love cockles and I ate the whole plate because basically the two of them don't really eat such stuffs.

When I look at the cockles, I thought of Garie & Zhi Yang. These two boys love eating cockles and I remember during New Year when they come to my house for steamboat, Garie wanted cockles and I went all the way to NTUC to look for it but to no avail because it was totally sold out. Then, I went to the market near my house and looked for it in vain and fortunately, I found it.

As for Zhi Yang, we went to eat cockles at Lagoon and that was the first time I ate cockles in such a way. I mean my parents never wanted me to eat cockles served at hawker centre because they were afraid that the cockles were not clean. I enjoy the eating process, getting ur hands dirty, picking the cockles out from its shell and dip it on some sambal chilli, Mama Mia!

However, that day wasn't a good day because we all thought Yang was leaving Singapore for a good 9 months to study at Hong Kong. At first, I was a little skeptical when he said that, I mean who would go to Hong Kong to further study? Ended up he didn't go for further studies, he just went there for a holiday!

I still remember Feng Yao accompanied me to wait for a cab, while walking to the main road, I walked behind Feng Yao silently, while my tears rolling down my cheeks. Waste my tears!

Well, so after eating the steamboat, we took a walk to Marina Square and went Muji to buy my cheesesticks. I love anything that has got to do with cheese, so buy me humongous cheesecake for me for my birthday! Haha.

Went to Crocs and I thought of buying a slippers from there and coincidentally, Js wanted one also. But I told her not to because in the US, Crocs are selling much cheaper than here and so, she have to wait again. I'm not a good friend at all. Haha.

Went to HMV to buy Jay's latest album when I stumbled upon one singer who looks abit like my baby, Justin Timberlake. He is Shayne Ward. I called Jiashi and pointed the album to her and I told her, " I like him."

And she told me, "I know, because he looks like Justin Timberlake."

Yes! See, she knows me very well.

When I walked pass many shops in Marina Sq, I keep telling Jiashi I wanted to buy this, buy that and she told me "Ya, You've been talking about it for months."

I find her answer very cute. Yes, indeed I have been talking about it for months.

Well, after this steamboat, I will start my diet plan once again because my school shirt is very tight. However, very surprisingly, my school skirt is not tight at all. Yes, I have broad shoulders. Boo Hoo.

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eastcoastlife said...

So sweet of you, Eunice.

It's true you don't need to have many friends for good company or to hang out with. Find a few good ones and stick to them.

I have never been to the Golden Mile steamboat restaurant although I have heard so much about it. I heard it's very crowded. I'll try it one day, based on your recommendation ah. Not nice, piak piak your buttocks. hehehe....