Sunday, December 30, 2007

Life's been good and fulfilling for me. Yes, indeed I gained a lot of weight. Next wednesday, most probably Js and I will be going for a gym session, followed for a 30min suana.

I just came back from a buffet @ Swissotel, Merchant Court. With my Cousins, Uncles & Aunties. The food is so much nicer than the one I had during X'mas eve. By the way, let me sidetrack a little one what I did during X'mas eve.

Aunt Alice & family and my family + Uncle Mediacorp, David (He's a cameraman working at MC) went to celebrate X'mas eve at Raffles The Plaza Hotel for a sumptous buffet.

The food was the same as last year, with little changes like just adding some logcakes which I really hated eating it because they were simply so hard and stiff.

But the durian pudding, their signature dish really live up to it's reputation. Very soothing to the throat, and the smell is really very fragrant. For those who loves durian like I do, the smell, oh not smell, the aroma is... Woah.

Back to topic, Swissotel Merchant Court is very nice. Lot's of varieties, and mostly are served Chinese Food. My mom loves Chinese food and for every meal she takes, she won't call it a meal provided there's rice. She needs rice. Very typical of her.

The beef, which I reckon it was Medium Rare, was very nice. Most of the time when we go to Jack's Place and you order a medium rare steak, the steak would be so tough that you have difficulty biting off the meat with your blant teeth.

However, when I tried slicing the beef off, it was manageable! And it really tasted good. Tender, Roasted on the outside, pinkish on the inside. Hard on the outside, soft in the inside.

The turkey is one of the best turkey I've ever eaten in my life. All these years, we've been to sooo many different hotels for christmas buffet and many a times, the way they cook the turkey would be a big turn off. Meat too tough, hard to swallow and too oily. However, when I tried eating the turkey served at Swissotel, the texture tasted so much like chicken! It's so different! And I love it. And when you eat turkey, you will never forget to add Cranberry Jam! Thumbs Up!

A lot more food that were too nice. Especially the raw sashimi! The salmon is very fresh, no fishy smell at all! Not like Sakae Sushi.

The raw oyster, though it was small, but I like it! Bite sized, and quite fresh too!

One of my very good uncle whom I respected the most, Uncle Pit Hua was a professional photographer. He went on to many courses in Singapore to upgrade his photography skills and the photos he took are really up to standard!

So I went on to ask him some guides on how to take nice shots, how to focus on an item, the flash, the lens and almost everything. I've always wanted to learn photography, but the courses alone are very costly. BUT! now since I've started earning some money, I might be taking some basic digital photography courses! Uncle Pit Hua recommended me to go The Photographic Society Of Singapore located just opposite Paradiz Centre and I went to the website and find the prices quite reasonable.

So I used Uncle Pit Hua's camera ( Very heavy, with modified lens) and took some candid shots of the foods at Swissotel and some pictures of my cousins. Uncle Pit Hua commented that I was quite good at taking pictures, for an amateur like me. I don't know whether that was real or just an encouragement. But I feel good! Ha.

Perhaps it was my uncle's camera which was good. And not my camera skills. Oh who cares. Haha.

While listening to my cousins and aunties gossiping about every little thing, I started to think a lot. I don't see a need to make a big fuss out of my cousin going to Washington for exchange programmes. It's time he should learn to be independent.

I'm thinking of a lot of things everyday. Things I wanted to do. I'm starting to think of which courses I should enroll in for my Poly. I've decided to go Singapore Poly as my first choice. That school is good. If not, typical TP lor.

Few courses I'm interested in. Ranking doesn't mean I'm more interested in which courses.

1. Banking & Financial Services
2. Biomedical Science
3. Media & Communication
4. Tourism & Resort Management
5. Applied Drama & Psychology
6. Food Science & Technology

Banking & Financial Services would be the last choice.

I have a lot of friends who wanted to take Accountancy Course but I reckon that course would be a dead course because basically, Accounts is a dead subject! Too true to be true.

I like Science, I like Chemistry. Haha. I find science sooo much more logical than Accounts. People who love accounts have no life! Because they are as dead as that subject. But Accountants have good pay, and quite a stable job. Because in any forms of business, they need an accountant.

Leaving the courses aside, I wanted to learn Piano. Nicholad & Lip are interested in taking piano lessons at Yamaha. But until now, there's no news from them. I don't know whether to go for piano lessons myself, or wait for them.

Ok, let me make a list of what I wanted to do.

1. Take up photography, $260/12 lessons.
2. Take up Piano lessons.
3. Take up Basic Radio Presentation Skills (English Radio Station) courses $535 per person
4. Go Cambodia on Feb 08 for 3 days to pay Mr Khorn & Ang Kor-Wat a visit.

Talking about going to Camdodia, Siem Reap. I've told my mom about my plans to go over there and if things are confirmed, I will be e-mailing Mrs Khorn and hopefully she could fetch me over at Phnom Penh. Still deciding where to stop at Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Most probably will be travelling by Jetstar. No Choice! Bagpackers travel through cheap airfares, cheap accomodation!

The time is ripe. After Lunar Chinese New Year, I have money, I can go! Hopefully at that time, I can buy a new camera and take good pictures of Ang Kor-Wat! I shall reach there at 4 in the morning to take pictures of the sun! Very nice. Haha!

There's so many courses I wanted to take up to upgrade myself. But it's so hard to get money from my parents. Everyday just thinking of it, wishing money would drop from the sky. No wonder Recca told me, "You always think of money, right?" I said yes. She goes on to say somemore, "But this may not be a bad thing."

Nobody knows what I'm thinking. And my parents seriously don't understand me at all. In their heart, I'm just the stupidiest child among the 3 and I don't stand as much as the other two in her heart. Because she is so embarrassed to tell other people I'm from Normal Academic Stream. Everytime people asked her which level am I from, she would say "Secondary 4".

And When I barge in and say , "It's Secondary 5", she would give me a very unexplainable expression on her face which made my heart sank.

And I'm not the eye-candy of my parents, so definitely I don't get things I wanted easily.

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