Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trekking @ MacRitchie Reservoir & X'mas Shopping!

Finally got the chance to meet up with one of my besties, Jiashi. We have been busy with work and we decided to go trekking at MacRitchie Reservoir.

I reached the place earlier than her so I went to take a stroll and took some random pictures. Came across this bridge and was hesitating to cross this bridge. I went to look at the pillars of the bridges and most of the poles are corroded.

However, the place was very nice and tranquil.

I decided to stop thinking so much and decided to walk across it.

Jiashi came and she brought me to see something. I was actually quite fascinated by this because I don't know that Lim Bo Seng's cemetery was located at MacRitchie's.

Before taking pictures, I started to mumble to myself, " No Offence ah."

This is the back of Jiashi's. Took it while she was not noticing it. If you've noticed, we were actually walking on very muddy grounds.

We were actually on our way back to the starting point. We walked through the forest and there were a lot of muddy patches. The trail was fun.

I took this picture because it reminded me of my Dad. I remembered few years back, we would always drive all the way to Thomson Road to feed the monkeys. We seldom eat oranges and nuts so instead of throwing it away, we decided to give it to the monkeys.

So from then, everytime when we had biscuits, bananas, oranges that no one wanted to eat, we just throw it to those monkeys and they would just clear some "rubbish" for us.

Luckily Dad didn't feed the monkeys anymore. He's too busy with work that he couldn't be bothered with those monkeys anymore.

We came across this unusual flowers and out of curiosity, I went to touch it with my bare hands. However, Jiashi did warn me not to touch it because they might contain poison, for all we know.

However, I just like touching it because the edges of the flowers are quite sharp, but not so sharp as to poke through your fleshes.

Jiashi crack a joke, commenting that it was Baby Durians.

Along the track, we saw many useful informations they they put up on the notice just beside the trees. There was one tree we came across that could actually help patients to cure AIDS or something like that.

While on the way back, we stumbled upon an old tree that was collapsing. The tree was totally slanted that it had to be supported by two thick poles.

Decided to take a rest, before heading towards the starting point. Saw a group of people canoying and the view was spectacular.

After trekking for almost 3 hours, we decided to take a short rest at one of the shelters provided with drinks.

Bought some drinks to quench our thirst and saw something which disgusted me very much.

If you guys know me well enough, I hated lizards a lot. I detest them and would curse and swear at them if I had seen one. Well, I saw two lizards digging the soil, looking for worms to feed themselves.

I dare not go near them so I called Js to took some pictures of it. I really admire her because she was only just one feet away from the lizard!

Looking at the lizards really make my hair stand.

The trip to MacRitchie was fun and we really talked a lot while trekking. It seems like we always have never-ending stuffs to talk about.

Took a cab home and put Js off at Serangoon MRT Station.


In the evening around 4.30pm, we meet again at PP for some shopping. I went for eyebrow plucking at Jean Yip and then went to meet Jiashi.

She wanted to buy iTouch but later found out that some of the functions could not be used.

Went to buy toner and makeup remover from FANCL. There were 2 girls at the shop and I really don't like one of the girls' customer service. She looked at me and thought I was like a Poly Student who wouldn't buy any FANCL products. She thought I just went in for fun and I was pissed off with her.

So, I went in and asked her, " Do you have any toner that you can recommend me for oily skin type?"

Without giving me a smile, or even a simple reply, She handed me the sample.

I was totally pissed off with her. I took the sample toner and give it back straight to her and said, " Give me one of that."

She looked at me with her eyes popping out and just before she wanted to say something, I told her, "And one makeup remover please. Big Bottle."
So she give me a wide smile and I just turned my head back with a smug.

The girl at the counter was very good and friendly. She told me how to open the toner and how to use it. Since she's willing to give me such good service, why not listen to her since I already know how to use it?

She also gave me some samples to try it and gave me a membership card. So everytime I come to buy any products, I can have a 5% rebate.

I told the the lady over the counter that since she's so friendly, I will definitely come back to buy more of their products like facial masks and other cosmetics.

I really don't understand why do such discrimination occur in almost every shops? Now I know, you dont have to look rich, as long as your wallet has money, you win. Damm you girl. 17 Year old girl can't buy FANCL Products? FANCL Products aren't that expensive either.

Then, went to Swensens to eat and I must say that Swensens is not an ideal place to dine at, definitely. I ordered a Chicken Baked Rice and found it quite disappointing. I shadn't mention how awful it tastes.

Jiashi, the next time we dine shall be at Tony Roma's. I miss the honey pork ribs over there.

Went to TheFaceShop to get some cosmetics. One of the salesgirl named Jenifer was really extremely friendly.

The reason why I always patronise TheFaceShop @ Parkway outlet was that the people over there really have very good positive attitude towards serving people. And everytime I go over there, I see the same pple working with the same working attitude.

I told Jenifer I wanted to get black eye shadow because I wanted to have smoky eyes. She told me that it was out of stock and instead, she recommended me something else. I told her I always have a problem, that is my eyeliner tend to smudge very easily.

So, she introduced me one of the customer's favourites, was the liquid eyeliner. Totally waterproof and long lasting.

Without further ado, she immediately sprayed some plain water on my hand and and tried rubbing the eyeliner hardly. And the eyeliner did not ran off. So, I was convinced and immediately, I bought it.

Don't call me an impulsive buyer. I'm not such a person. I don't like to waste time. I get what I want, grab it, pay it. That's it. There isn't a need to think and persuade me so much. If you can convince me to buy your product, I will buy it.

Then, she went on to introduce me some good eyeshadows which she thought it suited me. She taught me how to put on eyeshadow without having people to think that your eyeshadow makeup is very heavy and thick. She taught me a tip on how to make your eyeliner long lasting too.

Thereafter, I was thinking of buying fake eyelashes and was undecided to buy which one because they display a lot of types of fake eyelashes. I told her I want my eyelashes to look very natural, not too long.

So again, she taught me how to put it on but I told her I know how to do it.

She also asked if I live nearby PP and if yes, I may come over to PP tomorrow again because she would be around tomorrow also. Then, she would teach me all the tactics again if I am not sure.

See? This is what I called good service attitude. Willing to give in more effort in attending customers, She gained by making me buy her products, I gain by learning how to improve my makeup.

In addition, she gave me a free nail polish and told me to choose any color I want. I have almost all collections of the dark colour nail polishes and one of the new nail polishes caught my eye so I grabbed it.

It's easy to get membership card from TheFaceShop. Just spend $80 (Not single receipt) within a month and you get a discount card!

Went to borders and I think I'm gonna get 2 books which I liked it alot.
Both books cost quite a bomb but I'm a fan of Oliver and Nigella. I watched almost every episode of their shows at Travel & Living Channel 16.

I like the way they prepare food, how much they appreciate food and how fantastic they are in combining different types of food together, and yet it looked so yummy and attractive.

P/s: Jeremy, I owe you a big favour. That was to write an advertorial for your shop. I'm very sorry. Haven't got any chance to do it, but I promise I will do it!

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