Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Dream I Had Since Young

When I started recalling the last time I went out of Singapore, I could still remember myself in Cambodia. It seemed as if I had just left Cambodia only yesterday. Flashbacks flashed across my memories followed by a silly smile on my face. All those beautiful and memorable memories I had at Cambodia, I missed that place badly.

Travelling around the countries like Paris, France, Italy, Brazil etc would be the last thing on my mind.

I wanted to visit all the third world countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, India etc. I want to see the sufferings of the people over there. I want to experience the hardwork and the torment that they went through in their daily lives. Only then, we will start to cherish the people around us and ourselves.

The CIP trip to Cambodia during Sep 05 to Oct 05 was a fulfilling one. I see the carefree lives of the people over there with little sheeps and lamps on the grasses. At the same time, looking that those people living in attap houses along the highway made me very moody and gloomy. They were very poor and yet they put on a very wide smile. Cows and bulls were being chained on their feet as they walk along the road, squeezing it out on the conjested roads filled with vehicles.

I always had a little dream since young. I want to live in a small cottage in a faraway land, away from the bustling cities and jamming roads. In my cottage, A simple bed with very simple furniture as my house decor, photos being splashed on my little walls to every third world country I've been to or perhaps every country I've been to.

Every morning when I woke up with the help of the rooster, I could see the horizon and infront of me, was a vast land full of little grasses, with abundant of little cute flowers to spice up the ambience. Little droplets of morning dew could be seen on the leaves of the trees, and as I breathe deeply and enjoy the cool and breezing air, I stretched out my arms and welcome the hot yet heartwarming sun.

I started taking out some hay for the horses that I reared that were being stationed just beside my little cottage. As I carried a big container on my bag, I went to the nearest well to draw water for my horses and myself.

When I come back, little lambs that I owned started crowding around me, thinking that I have brought back some good food for them. Very simple yet carefree life.

During the day, I found myself lying on the damp and wet grass, looking at the vast blue sky. At the same time, enjoying the strong wind that come and go at short intervals.

During the night, I went to my garden to pluck some fresh vegetables and dig up some sweet potatoes that I grew. On the other hand, As I ran across my garden, I plucked out some herbs like rosemary, corriander leaves and parsley and headed for my kitchen. Simple dishes like that I created with my own creativity, like Potato Salad w/ Little gravy made from Herbs & Spices really made my day.

The same routine went on and on.

And this is my dream.

A life without any disturbance, without having to communicate with people, and life without any form of technology.

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