Sunday, December 9, 2007

Friday night, Mom, Dad, Bro and I went to Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant.

Located at three different outlets:

1 Pasir Ris Close #01-32/33 Downtown East Singapore 519599

111 Frankel Avenue Frankel Estate Singapore 458229

1 Woodlands Road #01-19 Ten Mile Junction Singapore 677899

I put Frankel Avenue in bold because that was the branch I dine at which is located along Siglap Road, just a few stalls away from BBQ Wholesale.

Dad went there once and he commented that the chinese food they serve were really superb. So, he took us there for a try and I must say Thumbs Up!

I wasn't able to make an advertorial because I didn't take any pictures of the food and most of all, I didn't have the time to get to know the boss as well. Was too busy eating and gobbling away all the food!

We ordered the Fish Maw Soup, Sambal Kang Kong, Fish Head Curry, Fried Garlic Chicken, Honey Pork Ribs, Seafood Omelette.

Dad really loved the Fish Maw Soup a lot but I find it just ordinary. What attracted me the most was the Fish Head Curry and Seafood Omelette.

Saturday, we went to Golden Mile for Steamboat. I guess most of you should know this place very well because it was very well-known for it's steamboat! I don't know why my family and I liked this place a lot and whenever we crave for steamboat, the first thing that came to our mind was the one at Golden Mile.

Ok, I know everything I wrote in the post is so vague, but please trust me. The next time I go, I shall take pictures of them and show you guys!

After eating, We went to Consortium to book a one-day tour to Malacca on Dec 16! This time, we'll be going with Aunt Alice & Family. Sis will also be coming back on the 12th and we shall all go have fun together! Do stay tune for loads of pictures, I hope so! But, no promises.

Well, as for today, Sunday, We went to PP. Went to did some bank in after getting my pay. Then we dine at Central Hong Kong Cafe (中环茶餐厅), Located at B1.

I ordered a Seafood Cheese Baked Rice w/ White & Tomato Sauce. My Brother, Shaun And Mom ordered a Cheese Baked Rice w/ Chicken Chop. Dad ordered a pathetic small bowl of Udon with Fish soup. The side dishes we called were mainly Claypot Brinjal & Claypoy Chicken w/ Salted Fish.

As for drinks, there are too many variety and I was really at a loss for what to drink. Well, to make it swift and simple, I ordered a Hong Kong Milk Tea (Cold) and Shaun ordered Coke w/ Lemon.

The food wasn't very satisfying but rather bloated though. Once again, No Wow-Factor. I remembered once Dasmond Koh and a few little punks from Campus Superstars I went to try out this restaurant and they made it as if the food was godly or heavenly. However, it turned out to be just an ordinary Hong Kong Rest.

What I really wanted to try was the Traditional Hong Kong Cafe located just next to Katong Mall. When Sis comes back, we all shall make a trip there.

Jiashi told me that the black carrot cake was very nice and told me to try it if I have the chance to.

These 3 consecutive days, We have been eating good food outside and it's time to let our stomach take a rest. Tomorrow's Monday and I guessed those people who are working might suffer from Monday Blues. Boo-Hoo it's Monday.

I will be making an advertorial for one of my good acquaintance, Jeremy, one of the owners from HoardShopOnline because I bought some of the exquisite accessories from him and he's willing to give me a 10% off my purchases. We have been keeping in contact and I must say, he's really a nice and yet extremely talented guy I've ever known!

I've been quite busy during these few weeks due to work and may not have the time to blog as much often as before. But I do promise every post shall be a long and fruitful one!

If you guys know that I played MapleStory, I got banned for 14 days for using vulgarities. What a joke!

Nicholas Wee just turned lvl 100 and I was just trying to mega for him and congratulate him. I wrote " G> iTrance for being Lvl 100. Jy Fk Ass to lvl 120!"

Within 1 minute, I saw a notice: " [Notice] Clichedd has been banned 14 days for using vulgarities."

After 3 seconds, I got kicked out of maple and Tadah! There goes my lvl 63 ice mage, and lvl 35 Cleric. I heard if I were to get back my account, I would have to pay twice the amount of my level and my account would be cleared and it will be just an empty shell. Meaning that my whole assets, which I calculated to be around 300m Mesos (Including scrolls, equips, and a lot more) will be gone.

I decided not to reactivate my account because I think wasting such money on Maplestory was just plain stupid and I swore to quit.

I called Nicholas and we both had a good laugh for almost 5 mins. I kept laughing and everyone in Maple kept whispering to Nicky and a lot of them commented that they were sorry for me. Haha!

I was totally convinced by Nicky and Shared an account with him once more. We decided to strive very hard for this very new upcoming priest-to-be! Had a hard time thinking of what IGN to choose and Ah! I thought of using iClichedd. And iClichedd was once re-established.

I'm not gonna let u earn my hard earned money, GMAZentaur (Game Master) I Hate You! ):

p/s: I just dyed my hair and I am quite satisfied with it though the color does not turned out to be the one I expected. Dye + Highlighting costs me only 72$ bucks! Cheap and good!

Ben lost $10k in soccer and I'm really feeling very heartbroken. I hate to see my friends losing so much in soccer. Lent him some money and he felt so happy. I felt quite bad that I couldn't lend him much because I really don't have much cash with me. Not trying to be generous with my money, but I just feel that when my close friends are in need, I will help them if it's within my means. Brothers, if you need help financially, I am really willing to give you a helping hand. Don't ever feel embarrassed or stand ceremony with me. Because I really want to help.

Even if it turned out to be bad debts, it's just money. Money comes around and goes around.

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