Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm so sorry for not blogging for quite a number of days due to the hectic work life I have right now.

Let's get straight to the point and I shall go back a little bit.

Last saturday, Js & Her youngest brother, Teo Xiang, Nicky and I went cycling at East Coast Park. I must mention that Js's brother was extremely adorable! Look so much like her, of cause.

Took a ride to Lagoon Food Centre and had a drink over there before heading on towards the direction of Bedok Jetty.

Stopped a little while at Bedok Jetty. Nicky and I had a small talk and we suggested going fishing one of these nights. I've never fished before and I would really want to try it out!

While on the way back to the rental shop, we saw an extremely big dog which caught everybody's attention. Everyone's eyes popped out at the sight of the big dog which could be even taller than me if he stand on 2 legs.

The owner, who was a lady, was feeling quite embarrassed yet happy. As Nicky and I cycle across the dog, I kept laughing to myself and told Nicky, "OMFG! HE'S SO CUTE!". The owner of the dog was laughing to herself. Haha.

Nicky was quite sarcastic as he mentioned that I was short, in a very indirect way.

Well, after cycling, bought one ice cream before cabbing home with Nicky.

As I reached home, I found myself getting sun burnt on my cheeks and my arms. Sometimes I really do wonder why do I get sunburnt so easily? However, I really love the sun because it's been a long time since I really went out to enjoy the sun!

Shall go cycling next saturday again, most probably alone. Perhaps calling my brothers out for night cycle, maybe? I don't know.

Well, working together with Tkd and Beng Hon was really fun. Tkd did something very funny but rather lame thing. Took some pictures of what he did and I shall post it another time.

I shall also post the new arrangement of my bedroom which my Mom just did last night. My bed was pushed to the corner of the room and I really felt cosy.

Initially, I was extremely uncomfortable about the arrangement because my bed was extremely close to my sister's and I really got no place to come out of the bed. My bed was already driven to the corner and my mom insisted that she wanted my sister's bed to be pushed just next to my bed, to make it a "L' shape.

I was really damm pissed off with the arrangement and I cried as I couldn't take it. I was simply sooooo uneasy because first, I had no space to crawl out and if I were to come out of the bed, I would need to crawl all the way to the end of my bed before I could get out. Next, My bed was so near the curtain which I really abhored it because she knew I had sensitive nose and yet she wanted me to sleep so near the curtain which could actually accumulate a lot of dust, hence aggravating my condition.

Well, I couldn't stand the arrangement and I really cried. I'm not a cry baby, but I was just so angry with my mom for not listening to my opinions. In the end, I told her the way I would arrange it and she also said that mine was a better arrangement. At least I have some space to move out easily.

So, I called Andy and all he did was just to hear me cry for whole 15 mins before he talked to me for the first time. When he picked up the phone, I was already crying and he just kept quiet for 15mins! Pal, You rock my sock.

I thought everything was fine. However, the worst has yet to come. I have moved my computer table to the other side and now, my big wardrobe is just next to my computer table. The wardrobe somehow disrupts the wireless connection to my laptop and the wireless connection can't seem to penetrate through the wardrobe.

I called Linksys to ask for some help and suggestions as to improve the signal strength and they suggested me to buy a range expander and If I had any problems, I could call them back again for assistance.

Well, so most probably, I would have to make a trip to Sim Lim Square perhaps this week to get one range expander just to pluck it into my laptop. I can still use the internet without the range expander, just that the signal strength is low and I might get disconnected easily.

Other than that, I have nothing more to complain.

And another thing, I seriously have to go on a healthy diet again because it seems that I have been putting on quite some weight recently, but I shall never go back to the same old weight that I had.

I could still remember vividly that Zhi Yang told me that my chin has turned back a little round compared to the past when I was really weak and thin. Well, this is a sign to tell me that I have grown fat and it's time to do some action!

X'mas is coming and buffets, parties, everything is coming ahead! I seriously need to shed some weight! JIASHI! Call me out for exercise please!

And I need some shopping! But I have nothing to shop about. I mean, I got money! I don't know where to spend it on.

It's 11.24pm right now and I got to wake up at 7am to work.

P/s: I can't promise you anything, because I have yet to give up on a relationship which just ended 7 months ago. I don't know why I always got hooked up with NS man.

I'm starting to like office boy, perhaps I have seen too many due to my work. They look extremely hot to me right now.

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