Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yesterday night had dinner with Bone, Lip and Nicky. All of us had lots of fun. I mean real lot. I was happy that 3 of them were able to compromise me because I had to helped out at my Mom's office and wouldn't be able to dine early.

Well, I reached office around 5.30pm and started typing out some invoice. Was having a bad flu since morning (I have sensitive nose) while I was playing Maple.

Ok, let me sidetrack abit and talk about Maple. I started playing maple again for the past 3 days. Well, I was a little heartbroken because I lost 24m Mesos for just nothing! Well, I wanted to delete one of my characters and I transferred all my items to the other char. However, I forgot to transfer that 24m and tadah, I deleted that char without checking. Ok, it's ok. There will be another 50m coming right into my account.

So , currently I will be training a dexless sin. It's damm cool because the dmg on mobs are super ubber cool! Lvl 20 can do 200 dmg alr. Very good. Next is to buy godly armor for myself. Have to set aside 100m for Mushashi Claw. As for my work gloves, I would need to plunge in scrolls and guys please wish me good luck that all scrolls pass and my WG shall be godly.

Back to topic. As I was having a bad flu, I took 2 flu tablets (Which was very effective) prescribed by my family doctor, and I fell asleep without noticing. When I woke up, It was around 7pm and my whole body felt so numb and I can't seem to lift my hands up. However, after a while, I was able to change my clothes and headed off to Bone's house.

Lip and Nicky played dota while I watched TV. Bone took a bathe and after that, we all set to Thai Pan Restaurant. Kai Young once worked there as a waiter and he knew the boss very well. The boss was very friendly too and always gave us discounts everytime we come.

The food there was superb and nice, the ambience wasn't that good though, however it looked like a decent restaurant, though.

Went there twice already and the price was totally reasonable.

We ordered Pearl Prawns, Prawn Omelette, Jing Du Pork Chop, Sambal Kang Kong.

Such a waste I couldn't take pictures of it because we were simply too hungry to do any other things.

All of us were so hungry and we started gobbling up the food while we chat. Lip and I shared another plate of rice.

Well, so while we were eating, those guys were talking about sexual stuffs and the couple sitting on the next table kept looking and chuckling to themselves. As the only girl, I was supposed to stop them from being embarrassed further, Instead, I joined in the topic.

We are all adults, be open minded!

After eating, we went to the playground nearby (Must be puzzled why there was a playground nearby? Thai Pan Restaurant was located in Mandarin Gardens Condominium near Parkway) and slacked for a while.

It was such a long time since I played on the swing. Nicholas was beside me, playing with the swing of cause. We bother started swinging. As I was afraid of heights and falling down, I swing a little bit. While looking at how high Nicholas could reach, I was tempted to do it. Unfortunately, I did not hold on to the metal chain.

Instead, I hold on to the seat and PANG!

My whole body twist 360 degrees and fell down flat onto the sand like the law of physics don't apply to me at all.

My back hit the sand first and it was quite painful. Lip and Nicky was totally shocked and they pull me up. I must say the falling down part was really thrilling.

After that, went to find Bone because he went to have a chat with his Ex. Slacked a while and we went to the NEXT playground to play.

I won't elaborate further because I got to prepare to go Nav's house!

I love Indian Food! Especially Green Curry Chicken!

Happy D E V A P A L L I !

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