Friday, November 9, 2007

Devapali Celebration @ Nav's & How to Appreciate a spoonful of Rice

Let's start my day.

I was feeling very reckless on what should I wear on my interview, knowing that first impression is very important. Since last week, I've been to my favourite hangout, be it TOPSHOP or DOROTHY PERKINS, I've also been to different places like ZARA or even MNG. And I'm always alone shopping for my working outfit.

Now that I've just realised, I love shopping alone. No burden, You can walk anywhere you want at your own favourite foot pace, no time wasted (Just go straight into the shop), and most of all, It's full of freedom!

Freedom as in, No one bothers you or pesters you for lots of opinions.

However, the cons are that no one advises you on how ugly and unmatch you look in a particular outfit. Well, I always consult one friend, my shopping mate cum classmate cum good friend cum bitch, Jiashi.

I was feeling totally reckless today, pacing around the house for the whole Thursday morning. Finally, I decided to call Js to see if she's free. Well, the lucky me got a chance to date her again and we met at PP. While waiting for her to arrive, I went to look for suitable bottoms to match with my working shirt.

Tried lots of them and not much really suits me because I simply looked too matured to be 17, I wished that I could be 17 every year.

Alas, Went to the clearance sales corner and found one suitable white denim jeans to pair with my high heels and red sexy shirt. To my horror, it costs just $29 dollars. It was a Wow-Factor.

Couldn't use my $10 voucher as the item was already on sales and after that Js came. She told me she wanted to buy a small pouch or a shoulder sling so that she could put her handphone or cards and carry them with convenience.

Both of us ended up buying a shoulder pouch, which we both thought it really looked glam, just perfect to steal the limelight in a prom night party. Good thing about it was this shoulder pouch could be a long rectangular wallet and it could also be slinged onto your shoulder. The strap could be taken off.

She chose Black initially. However, I prefer the silver one because it looked quite nice. After much consideration, both of us bought the silver one. Being the cool and sophiscated Js, she chose to take off the strap and clamped her glam pouch in between her arms ( Like a total bitch, but I like it. Oh well. ) and I chose to hang it around my shoulder ( Like a Tai-Tai, Whatever).

Another Wow-Factor. It costs just $23. Finally can be able to get rid of my $10 voucher.

Finally, I can rest my peace and headed on to Nav's house for Devapali's Celebration.

Went to meet up with Yu Yue, Zexuan, Nicky, Bone at my house bus stop.

We started walking into the private housing estate and within 5-10 mins of walking, We finally reached Nav's house. Quite a rowdy atmosphere with his Sister's friends and his Brother's one as well.

The food was totally gorgeous and marvellous. You start drooling the moment u tried putting a spoonful of fragant orange and red colored rice into your mouth.

Let me tell you how to appreciate rice. First, you let the smell drift up in lazy spirals, sweet and elusive. Then you look at the color of it, softer than the surrounding steam. Carefully, you put a spoonful of it into your mouth, and feel each grain separate on your tongue, firm and warm. Then you taste it - the rich yet delicate sweetness of it. This was real rice, whole moist grains I could chew and savor. Hmm... Mama Mia. Perfecto.

Next was the chicken curry. Thick and spicy, yet soothing through your throat. The chicken was so tender than it just melts into your mouth like ice cream. The gravy was so thick and smooth, with hot steaming of aroma emitting from it.

Then, it was the mutton. Normally, I wouldn't dare take raw mutton or mutton without any sauce or gravy on it because I hated the taste of lamb or mutton. However, Nav's mother did this dish damm well because she was skillful and dexterous enough to be able to cover the stench of the lamb using spices, curry powder and herbs.

Thereafter, It was sambal prawn. Oh My God. I'm gonna faint soon. It was totally heavenly! It was sweet (Due to the freshness of the prawns) yet spicy. It wasn't too hot or spicy until we could gobble up litres and litres of water. Everything was just very soothing and it went down my stomach so smoothly that I went for a second round.

After the prawns, was the eggplant and potato curry. I didn't try that because there was simply too much food and what's more, Why would I want to eat vegetables when there are other better food than that?

I really look the food so much. However, I knew Js couldn't take spicy food and I dragged her along as well. However, I could see that she liked the rice very much.

Everyone commented that the rice was perfect.

I loved eating spicy food and curry because all these enhances our food and add flavours to our tastebuds. I love strong flavours rather than just eating a grilled chicken chop without and toppings or gravy to go with it. I would just chuck it away.

Nav's mom was very friendly too and I really felt comfortable.

Moreover, with little finger foods like mini triangular shaped curry puffs and some fried stuffs which tasted much like onion rings to go with.

The whole eating process was successful and heavenly. And I felt very bloated.

After eating, we went upstairs to the third lvl where Nav's room was. We went to the open space for a game of Monopoly. Disputes and conflicts on different rules by Nav and Nicky. Nav got some funny and alien rules that we didn't heard off and nicky, vice versa. Played for a total of about 2-3 hours then we realised it was 10.40pm already.

Bone and I went to see Js and Yu Yue off at the bus stop because Js wanted to get home to watch the American's Next Top Model on Channel 5 and Yu Yue got to be home because she stays at Sembawang. You know, From Eunos to Sembawang.

Then, Bone and I went back to the house and had some serious talk with the guys. About the lives in MJR, how we spent times together as a class, how our maths aced other classes, and the teachers we resented very much.

Soon, it was time to bid goodbye and we saw a real nice vintage car in Nav's house and his Mom and all of us starting chatting about this car. It was imported from other countries and I reckon that this vintage car could be sold at high price.

Well, So I walked home and Mom started nagging at me about the number of things I bought and she was unhappy with me about it.

I used to spend a lot of money on clothes and I don't wear them often. And now, I've changed but she still has the mentality that I buy clothes on impulse. She keeps emphasising that I would still slim down and try not buying new clothes because I would throw them eventually. Or New Year is coming and I would buy clothes again.

However, I told her I needed presentable working outfit for my interview tomorrow to outwin other people applying for this position. She understand but she just keep on nagging.

Well, Let her be. I know she still don't trust me but nevermind, I shall prove it to her, give me some time.

So, while blogging about my splendid day, I was also packing my certificates into a porfolio which Belle told me to bring it tomorrow.

And now, it's all ready on my sister's bed. The first most important thing, Portfolio. Second, My Clothes. Third, My shoulder pouch. Fourth, My high Heels. Fifth, was to go to the salon tomorrow for my hair treatment and steam my hair to make it soft and nice.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be meeting my brother, Lip, Nicky and Bone for dinner after their soccer match. They will end their soccer match at around 5pm. After my interview at 3.30pm, I shall head to Bone's place for a rest while waiting them to end their match.

p/s: Bro, I'm worried for you. Do reply me asap when u see this, Yang. I will do my best to help you, don't worry my dear.

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eastcoastlife said...

Hi Eunice.
Gosh, you look so mature for your age. :)

Thanks for your kind comments on my post. I'm trying to make some changes to my life and hope to spend more time with my Mom.

I love Indian food, I used to eat at the Indian restaurants in Little India.

Best of luck with your job interview. Cheers.