Sunday, November 4, 2007

100th Post on this blog

This shall be the 100th post on this blog. Have been blogging since 2003 until now and til then, I have changed 2 blogs. This shall be the 3rd blog and the last blog I held dear.

I dreamt of Calvin Sim on Friday evening while having a nap on my sofa. The dream was kinda silly, but funny. I told him about it and he was repeating, " Don't think too much la! It's just a dream!".

Don't get the wrong idea. The dream wasn't about me kissing him or being together with him.

It was ... Haha. Simply too shy to post it right here.

Life's been good and simple for me. Sunday today and I still haven't done anything to my Social Studies.

I don't wish to study. Because holiday mood is on right now!

I always have this habit. When exams are going to be over soon, I would not have the mood to study well for the last few papers. Because thoughts of how to spend my holidays keep whirling in my mind!

p/s: Calvin, I hope what you said is true. Ha.



Congrad...... eunice!!! 100th post!! wow!!!! keep up ok:) take care

Mike M said...

Very cool blog! I will be back for more!