Tuesday, November 13, 2007

God Grandma's Celebration & CKT's Chalet

It was God Grandma's birthday celebration.

Our family was invited to attend a dinner at a vegetarian restaurant located at Orchard. The food was still as good as ever, and I enjoyed myself.

God-Cousin was still as handsome and suave as ever, just that moustache began growing all over his chin. I guessed he was too stressful being a lawyer and forgot to groom himself, that's all.

He's still the sunshine, very westernise looking hunk.

As for the young and pretty God-Cousin who became a doctor just a year ago, I didn't see her around yesterday. However, I was told that she was on duty and so, she couldn't make it for the dinner.

Well, the atmosphere was rowdy, birthday songs were being played and the most awesome thing was the birthday cake.

The cake was extremely nice and big. Cj and I enjoyed eating it so much that we craved for another piece of chocolate cake.


After the celebration, we headed home. On the way, I called for a pizza to celebrate my maid, Nita's birthday.

However, as I was in a rush to go for CKT's chalet, I took some money from mom and cabbed down.

While I was in the room resting, Zhen Lu came in and told me he had a tattoo on his front hips. He showed it to me and it looked very nice and cool.

My brothers have also arrived much earlier than me and were seen playing cards outside.

Had some food and drinks, then while I was going down to see what happened, Nelson had some problems with Jacky.

Another lame problem and all of us were so terrified that a fight would happen. Asked Jane what happened and she told me. Seriously, I think it was extremely childish and immature to create such a problem at the age of 17.

I was shaking my head and sighing non stop.

Had a sleep in the room as I was feeling very tired. However, I don't feel good in that room. It seemed as if I was being oppressed by some wandering spirits or ghosts and at times, I can't seem to move my body at all.

I feel totally numb.

Yang wanted to go home and he woke me up.

Both of us took a cab and headed home. I don't know whether the cab driver was deaf or stupid, I told him to turn left and he went straight instead. I was feeling groggy and dizzy and yet I still have to walk quite a distance to reach my house.

Reached home, took a bathe and slept.

That's my day.

Sis will be coming back to Sg on the Dec 12. Can't wait for the whole family to be reunited again. Good food will be coming along the way everytime Sis came back.

She also bought me some bras and nice tops from American Eagles and Hollister respectively as my X'mas present.

I wanted a coach wallet. However, Sis advised and reminded me not to be obsessed with branded stuffs at this age. Yes, I agree with her though.

So, she told Mom to choose any handbags from Coach Website and wanted to give a Coach Handbag as her X'mas present as well.

Dad was the most simple of all. Sis will be buying him Polo Perfume because previously he told us that he liked it.

As for my brother, he told me that he needs a wallet and pencil box right now. I think that was cute. What more do you expect from a 12 year old boy?

p/s: Interview was good and the boss was very friendly to me. Sis suggest that I worked in Isetan or G2000. Christmas is coming and definitely, they would want to hire people.

Went to meet Ben & Jason before Ben go for NS. Went to chill at Starbucks and talked for quite some while. Before heading home, we gave each other a big and tight hug. Really got the urge to drop a tear, however I managed to control it. It's not as though he's gonna leave me for good.

It's been almost 6 months since a guy gave me a big hug. I mean a guy who could make my heart pound and gave me all the love that I needed.

Adran, I started missing you.


eastcoastlife said...

You still haven't got a job yet ah?

You look mature in your photo, and also the way you think and write in your posts. You're only 17 leh.

Eunice Ng said...

Hehe, Yeah Mommy I haven't got a job yet.

But I will continue to look for one to spend my long holidays before I start my Polytechnic Life.

I want to put my time to good use during these holidays or I will feel so useless. Haha!

Yeah, I do admit I grow up quite a lot as I get older, as in my thinking, mentality and I really change quite a lot! Not anymore that little young rascal! ((: