Wednesday, October 17, 2007

O's starting tommorrow, officially

Yesterday went to study with Beng Hon. In the end, Cheng Long decided not to come and so, we both study.

We had fun and played. However, as we play, we also learn more about A-maths Topic, Trigonometry.

We took out TYS to search for all questions on proving and we started doing, see who could solve all the questions first.

As we challenge against each other, We found out that this is the kind of motivation we needed right now at such a critical moment and we really learn a lot.

Chemistry Paper 3 is coming right after A-Maths Paper 1 & 2 and I haven't even touch a single bit.

In fact, I underestimated Chem Paper. I looked through last year Chem paper 2006 and my jaw almost dropped.

I started to panic when I found out that I couldn't even answer barely 3 questions. How come our prelim papers seemed much easier than O's?

My dream of getting an A2 for science was totally thwarted.

I don't know which chapter to start from for my science.

I don't even have the confidence to say that I'm already totally prepared for my A-Maths paper.

Did few year back papers and I find it quite manageable. However, I must tell myself not to slacken. Because this year could be totally different from last year.

I envy Seng Yong's batch. Hais. No use complaining about this.

Yesterday, we saw Zheng Jie coming to study as well. I had a chat with him and he told me that he guessed that for our batch, an average student should be able to get around 18 points for O's. It's way out for the courses that Zheng Jie and I wanted.

Both of us wanted to be in the management course. However, I heard that this course is extremely competitive. I'm not sure whether I can enter into any Polytechnic, I already started worrying whether can I cope if I enter this course.

Eunice, you've got to tell yourself that O's are not as simple as you think. It's not N Levels, for god's sake.

When I think of moderation, I almost wanted to cry. I really think too much you know. Haha.

Tommorrow will be the first O Level paper that all of us would be taking, Chem/Phy Practical.

Seriously have no idea which time slot should I report to and which shift am I in. Gotta ask Ying Ying about it tonight.

Although there's still time before I enter the Science Lab and meet my doom, I could feel butterflies in my stomach already.

Ever since I woke up this morning at 10, I just can't help being nervous about tommorrow's pratical.

I have a strong intuition that tommorrow Physics practical would be a difficult one. If they ever come out on electricity, I can bang my head against the wall.

It's 3.11pm right now and I haven't started revising for my practical. I feel so nervous!

I'm very afraid that I can't study all the notes that Ms Salina gave me in just one night.

I can't study early because I have short term memory. I can't study at last minute because I can't finish studying.

What should I do?

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