Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nasopharyngeal Cancer


Decreased in hearing,

Having flu every now and then (especially at night)

Dryness of the mouth

Loss of appetite

Blood in the mucus

Symptons of chemotherapy & radiotherapy:

Dryness on the mouth lips

Loss of hair


You guys know what? I went to the gynae for a check up due to my irregular menses (Sometimes it comes 2 months a time, sometimes it don't even come up to 6 months). I did a X-ray and scan to see whether is my left and right ovary unusual.

Viola, my right ovary is much bigger than my left ovary because there is a cyst in my right ovary. About 5mm big. The gynae mentioned that it wasn't too risky because I'm young right now. However, I MAY have slim chances of getting pregnant (This is something not worth happy about.).

Well, upon hearing this, my heart sanked. However, Mom heard it too and I reckoned that she is as worried as I am.

As a result, they found that I have more male hormones that female hormones. But this aint gonna say that I'm not feminine lah. Every girl do have some male hormones in their body, this is absoultely normal.

I would perhaps have, hmm, maybe 10 more male hormones than a normal girl has?

WELL, I have to take hormone pills right now, which the side effects are not good at all.

Hormone pills helps me make a strike balance between my female and male hormones. However, consuming hormone pills (Provera Tabs) makes one suffer from depression, change in menstrual cycle, tenderness in the breasts etc.

Perhaps one day I may need to get the cyst out of my ovary. However, the doctor also mentioned that the cyst may also dissappear. Which sounds so contridicting to me. I don't know.

Made an appointment with the gynae next year for another scan to see within these few months, the cyst is still there anot before making further actions and assurance.

Also heard that cyst can either be beign(U get a chance to live) or maglinant(Wait for your death). But I don't have to worry, because right now the cyst is not having any relapse or whatever shit.

Finally, I get to have some shut eye because


For those who know, know. For those who don't know, then don't need to know! I guessed the first person I told was Yang. ((:

Life is just so unpredictable. Finally for once, I chose to believe in god. And god did grant me a wish! Sometimes it may take years to recover, sometimes it may just take months to recover!

You may see that I looked happy and radiant on the surface, but behind the scenes, you can see a different Eunice, especially at home.

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EJIRO said...

Hi Eunice, i read this, and i feel I should pass this message to you. Don't believe what the doctor says, believe only what God says. With God all things are possible, so have this in the back of your mind, that is nothing is wrong with you, when it is time for you to have children, you will have them without complications. A Big Amen to that.