Thursday, October 18, 2007

Practical Exam was considered a success.

You know, yesterday I called Jiashi and Beng Hon whether they want to accompany me to Bugis to pray at the temple. Both of them rejected me.

Ok, I know I sound really superstitous and some of you may think that I have changed my religion.

In fact, I realised that I'm more of a free thinker - you can choose to believe in all religion and choose not to.

I pray at the temple, at home, I prayed to My Lord, Jesus.

I took a cab all the way down to Bugis alone. ALONE.

I wanted to call Yong, but I knew he wouldn't want to come. Well, in order for me to make myself feel better, I decided not to call him.

Surprisingly, after praying, I feel so much relaxed and it seemed as if something that seemed to be weighing me down has disappeared.

After praying, I walked to the nearest ice-cream stall and ordered a Yam Ice-Cream. Now that I'm alone on the streets, I almost got knocked down by a car.

I was happily scooping my ice cream with my mini spoon and didn't notice the incoming car which was driving towards my direction.

The car gave me a loud horn and I looked up. The car was just around 30cm away from me. My hands and legs are so stiff that I can't even seemed to move at all.

After staring in blank air for about 30 seconds, I scrambled off as far as I could.

I'm so not used to walking on the streets alone. Perhaps, normally I would hang out with my friends more often on streets than being ALONE, I seemed to have forgotten to look out for the traffic and cars. Because normally, I would be the one following my friends. When they cross the road, I cross. They stop, I stop.

I'm becoming so dependent on them that I even need them to tell me when to cross the road, when not to.

Well well well, back to the topic - Practical exam.


For the first 30mins, everything was in a mess. My mind was in a total whirl. I couldn't think straight. I don't know why. Rainer was beside, however, both of us were also infront of the invigilator's bench.

So I guessed I was feeling very stressed because the invigilator seemed to be looking at both of us most of the time.

As for Chem Practical, Heating is needed and we have to minimise the volume of the fan to the lowest. Thus, making me perspire like hell.

I was perspiring for the first 1 hour until the next invigilator came and decided to share her standing fan with me. She saw me perspiring until my whole back was totally wet, my perspiration dripping on the table.

I may sound kinda gross, however, I just couldn't control my perspiration. I was right at the top corner, where they isn't any wind coming in my direction, I was totally drenched.

Luckily, for the last 30 mins, the invigilator shared her fan with me, I'm able to do my Phy Practical in peace.

During Chem Prac., I repeated every experiment twice to avoid mistakes. Afterall, I still made one minor mistake which caused me 1 mark.

It was adding Solid Q to Colbat (II) Nitrate. I forgot to read the whole chunk and actually left out one part whereby I would need to heat the solution strongly .

Instead of writing the color change to black, I wrote pale pink - which was the initial color of Colbat (II) Nitrate.

Then I started to realise that I was so stupid. It obviously be pale pink and Cambridge wouldn't be so stupid to give us give-away-mark questions.

For Physics, instead of drawing a curve, I went to draw a straight line graph! Totally screwed up.

Eunice! Please don't take any graphs as Linear Law because if you think this way, you're gonna flunk in your E-Maths Paper 2!

Instead of drawing transformation, I drew many straight line graphs. Oh My God.

I calculated. After minus-ing all the errors that I made, I think I can get around 20-24/30.

I really hope my Prac. can score because I need my Prac. marks to pull up my grades. Although it's just 30 marks, however, if you are able to get full 30 marks just by doing simple chemical reactions with full, clearcut instructions given to you, it's really worth it.

Just like how much I treasured my English Language Oral that I always wanted to score for it.


After the Practical, we were being locked up at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) again. From 11.30am all the way to 1.30pm.

After the Practical, everyone was kinda relieved after having 1.5hours of strenuous torturing and misery.

So, Calvin, Tkd, Rainer, Albert & I started playing "Cai Quan". The loser would have to receive severe treatment from the rest of the players - that is to punch the loser. For me, I have special privilledge, that is to hit my arm.

Had lots of fun and laughter. I made some stupid mistakes and ended up got beaten. Extremely painful after being beaten for so many times until my arms actually showed some blood clots already.

While blogging right now, I started looking at my arms. They are still kinda red. All thanks to the guys!

However, we had fun. It's been ages since I ever played with them.

Mrs Cheng showed us some videos on the Ehipassiko Camp. Nelson & I were so tempted to go! However, Eggball told me that he couldn't make it in the end because on 14Dec - 17Dec, he will be going to Malaysia for his cousin's wedding.

As for the HK trip, we have decided to delay the time. All of us wanted to find a job and work for a few months before going to HK. By then, we would have more money = more shopping.

I'll be waiting!

Anyway, Tkd's coming to my mom's office to work. Again (:

13 Nov please come faster! Let all the O Level Students end their misery and agony!

p/s: This is a picture of the CKT & Me. Right infront of the Buddha @ Buddhist Hall! Buddha shall bless all of us in getting good grades for O's & N's !

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