Tuesday, October 2, 2007

O's are just round the corners.

These few days have been hectic and I lost 2 kgs due to excessive perspiration.

Just came back from PP. Was studying together with my good friend, Jiashi. We were chatting for the whole first 2-3 hours before we started mugging. Keeping updates of each other once again.

I finally took the effort to do some POA. Tomorrow I shall head to TM's Popular to purchase A-Math & Chem TYS. PP's outlet out of stock.

I was walking around Popular finding the book that I wanted. And while I was walking towards the book shelf. Couldn't find the book I wanted, so I asked one of the staff who was just standing around there. I noticed him for quite a while and he kept looking at what am I trying to do.

I swear that guy was not handsome (Rather average looking) , not muscular, definitely not my dream guy (Intelligent & Witty, Talented, Strong-built, Causasian, Well-Tanned, No need to be that rich, but must be able to earn twice the amount that I earned, Not a Chauvinist at all, Taller than me, able to afford a car and a house, .........). However, I liked his service. He's very willing to help me. I asked him for TYS from Dyna Publisher. He told me that it was out of stock and recommended me some books. So he started stacking the books while I hold on to the first book he gave me until my hand could not hold on to any more books. I called Calvin to see if he was going anywhere.

Had no idea why I called him, But when I think of it, Calvin seemed to be the first one I thought of. Well, He's going to TM so I thought I might call him to buy for me first.

While I was talking to him, the staff had already called the other outlets for any stocks. After putting down the phone, He had already called TM outlet and reserved all the books for me.

So I stuffed all the books in one corner. As I thought it was so bad to do it, I wanted to put all the books in order. However, the staff was damm friendly and had already put all the books back to it's rightful position. Lastly, He gave me a smile.

Don't know why my heart starts to beat quite fast. But I know, it's all crap.

Good customer service: PARKWAY PARADE POPULAR.


Have been thinking too much these few days.

What should I give to my classmates as a graduation gift?

How should we celebrate our grad night?

Should we call the principal to organise a prom night?

Which good places to order a cake from?

Lastly, How much do I need to save for the trip to Hong Kong?

Seriously, I've always wanted to go abroad with my friends. Now, I have such spontaneous friends like TKD & Calvin, I really feel very happy.

We've decided to take the budget airline. However, the accomodation is a problem. We don't intend to spend so much on accomodation.

First time going overseas with friends, I felt so helpless. In the past, my parents were the ones who decide everything for me, do everything for me except packing my own lagguage. Now, I have to do everything alone. Sounds so scary.

However, I have to overcome this fear. Because I want to roam around the world! After studying U, When I go out to work, I shall go on a tour every 6 months! I want to go Slovakia! It's part of Russia. Damm cool place to tour around. Lot's of prehistoric sites to visit.

Next, I thought of giving a mug each to every of my classmates, printed with our class photos.

I even thought of ordering fortune cookies imported from Japan for my classmates. However, one box have to cost around $10. Forget it.
However, I don't think some people deserves such good treatment from me. You know, those people who don't contribute to the class at all. Like Yc, YingY etc.

I thought of making apple dippers for everyone (So economical right? Haha.) with a personalised stick. Names will be printed on the sticks as a memoir. However, food don't last long. I need something lasting, durable.

Forget it.

I shall talk about what am I gonna to bring to chalet. I may be making chocolate fondant. However, by the time I bring there, the chocolate might have harden. It won't be nice. BUT! We do have BBQ I guess, so I can make it hot and serve it hot.

I will also be making cookies wrapped with very sweet-loving wrappers or gift boxes. Other than that, Small cards will be given to everyone of them with my sincere greetings.

Interesting Part!
Out of 37 packets of cookies, I will divide them into 2 groups. As there are 13 girls in our class, Out of the 13 boxes of cookies, ONLY 1 of them will have a whole set of brand new Nail Polishes from TheFaceShop.

The whole set includes a Nail Nutrition Coat, Nail Base Coat, Nail Top Coat & lastly, a nail color.

Next, 24 packets of cookies for the guys. Only 2 of them will have a 5-dollar note in each packet of cookies.

Though 5 dollars are just a small amount of money, however, I think it's the thoughts that counts. What's more, I'm just trying to make everyone happy!

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