Saturday, September 29, 2007

Seriously, I would like to say a big thank you to Jeremy, one of the owner from Hoard Shop Online for sending numerous newletter to me on the updates on his shop.

He's a extremely nice guy, basically after sending him quite a number of emails. Since he's soooooooo extremely nice and cool guy, I promised myself after my O's, I would definitely buy lot's of accessories from him. If I were to buy accessories for any of my friends for birthday present, I would patronise his shop.

Hoard will be down at the Singapore River Market bazaar this weekend.We will be situated right outside Arts House, (stall 41) beside Viet Lang .

Event Details
Event: Singapore River Market
Location: Arts House
Time: 10am - 10pm (Saturday & Sunday, 29th & 30th Sept)

The Good Stuff
We've giving out some goodies to the first 10 people who come to us and say "Hoard rrooocks!" They aren't sweets (you could give us that)They're accessories.

Products Available
Knotty Babies, as well as other ranges will be available for Adoption.All other craft products.

Though it's a bit too late to advertise, but at least I did!

These are pictures taken from Jeremy's Blog. Hope he doesn't mind. Aren't they cute and fabulous? I feel like buying one of them!

Perhaps if I'm in a good mood, maybe I shall another one of them and give any girls whom I feel like giving! Maybe Zhi Ling! (:

Or if there's any girafee figurines, maybe I could buy for Lu! If there's any Barney or any figurines that Nel or Kai likes it, maybe I will also buy for them!

I don't know, I just feel like buying something for anyone. Ha. Kinda crazy.


I am really very pissed off by the ambulance department today. My granny needed a ambulance real badly because Mom suspected her to have a mild stroke. We called her many times and she just won't respond. Moreover, her mouth was so tightly closed and I started panicking. So, I call Mom and told her to rush back home.

In cas some of you don't know what happened to my Granny, she had a bad fall in her shop and was admitted to hospital. She hurt her spine and had difficulty healing since then. It's been almost a month since she fell and her situation got worst. Now, her right thigh was in great pain and it's swollen right now.

She went for an injection on her nerves, it's to help to calm down the nerves and prevent the nerves from having a relaspe. However, I think it doesn't work at all because my granny's been complaining about the pain. The pain is very irriating because it came at short intervals. At times, she even thought of dying.

Currently, she is staying at my house. Looking at such situation, I feel so devastated. I don't know what to do to ease her pain. However, all I could do was to give her anything she wants.

I called for 100 to ask for the private ambulance number. I talked to them and they told me that they needed 45 mins to reach there because it was peak period.

Even worst, they asked so many questions like what is my granny's name and what is she suffering from. I know these are the standard procedures but the lady on the phone is spending almost 5-10mins getting my granny's documents right and I almost wanted to scream at her.

I was thinking, can't she just send a ambulance here first before getting the paramedics to see what's wrong with her? And I'm so pissed off by the attitude she gave me. Peak period gives them the right not to save people? And don't you think 45 mins is ridiculous? Would I need you if I have to wait for 45 mins?

I hanged up the phone immediately and called for the police. The police are even worst. I was thinking if I called for the police, maybe using the police authority, they could get an ambulance for us more easily. I called and the lady told me that they could not do anything to help us. She even hanged up Mom's call. I was totally pissed off.

Then, I called 995. THAT'S THE WORST. My granny is already lying down there, semi-unconscious. They even told me that they can only come at 3pm. I looked at the clock and it's 1pm right now. I curse and swear at them.

Please, do they need to pick up patients at auspicious time, better still? I'm going to give a call to them and complain for being EXTREMELY inefficient and SLOW. DUMBFOUNDED.

Currently, the hospitals are all INFESTED with what we so-called FOREIGN TALENTS. Some stupid china nurses even don't understand SIMPLE ENGLISH. I was talking to one of the china nurse and the moment she opened her mouth, I could feel my heart pounding cealessly underneath my shirt. Just making my blood boil. I ignored her and talked to another nurse instead. Yet, the another nurse turned out to be a Philopino. WHATEVER.

On the whole of 4th floor east shore hospital, there isn't ANY SINGAPOREAN nurses around. I really pity all the patients.

Don't talk to me if you don't speak English. Basically, the whole world is using English Language. And If you don't even take the initiative to speak FULL FLUENT SENTENCE of English, You jolly well fuck off. Better hide at home and don't come out.

So frustating! My blood pressure just shot up immediately. When the china nurse was talking to my dad, I rolled my eyes and walked away. "Oh please, KILL ME. SHOOT ME DOWN." is running through my brain.


I don't want to say anymore. I just feel so sad for my granny. Under the care of some useless nurses who can't even communicate using a globalised language - English.

Tommorrow shall head to NUTC to shop for clearasil facial wash. New ad coming up by Nuffnang. Shall try out whether it's good!


Jeremy said...

hey eunice, thanks for linking to us and all that special mention, thank you, really.

Anyway I really understand your feelings. How's your grandma now? I had a friend who collapsed in a gym, and they waited for the ambulance which only took 45mins to arrive.
He was gone by then. Basically that wasnt even peak period, it was somewhat 9+ - 10pm night. I do agree about the inefficiencies. Also, hospitals are all about $ b4 accepting patients...

Eunice Ng said...

I really like your art work so I think you deserve more publicity! Haha.

Yes, I'm so upset about their efficiency.