Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm glad someone told me to delete my previous post regarding Chun Hao. Because the impression is not good.

Well, Thanks.

It has proven that scolding people with vulgarities will keep readers away from your blog.

I have my way of finding out.


I've just realised that I'm really not participating in Nuffnang's events at all. Just so happen that all the events are just around O's. Perhaps after O's, I shall attend their events and hope to get to know Nuffnang better!

More ads, more ads, please come again.


Good luck to all O's level students.

p/s: I may not have as many as friends as before right now, or perhaps I don't have as many friends as you have. However, I have already won the hearts of many good friends. Which I think it's good enough for me.