Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm so sorry that I haven't been blogging 2 whole days. Well, I was busy preparing for my O's.

It's just after A-math Paper 1 & 2, and Chem Paper 3, I feel so worn out and tired already.

Chem Paper 3 was a damm it. I studied all the major topics like Alkanes & Alkenes, Macromolecules, Acids, Bases & Salts and other more.

In the end, you know what the O's test us on? PERIODIC TABLE, ATOMS & BONDS, All those crap stuffs that you will not notice it in your textbook.

After the exam, everybody was like, "Omfg, what the fuck! "

The questions are too simple to answer. Meaning that it's so simple that you won't even bother to go through them in the textbook!

I totally wrote crapped in the paper.

I even taught Ying Ying, Nicholas, Yee Teng, Calvin Sim the whole of Macromolecules because they don't understand the topic at all.

After wasting my saliva, drawing out all the linkages for them, in the end, O's didn't come out for this!

It's like... all your efforts just being washed down the drain.

Can hear people shouting that the paper was easy and all that, yet can also hear people whining about how fucked up the paper was.

Well, all I can say is that "Cambridge Setter, you rock my sock. You Win."

Wait wait, let me put out my white flag and surrender.

You know, they seemed to know what we are thinking. They knew we would focus on major topics so they came out on those stupid and lame topics. Well, Viola! They did it and we got it.

I seriously have no confidence for this year O's at all.

When Mom asked me everyday how was my paper, I couldn't answer her. Perhaps, I myself wasn't sure whether I can make it for these papers.

Well, after the paper, went for dinner with CKTs and Kai Young. Then headed home.

I'm sooo worried for my chem paper. I'm not boasting, but I know that I can do well in Chem because I was one of the few ones in class who are good in Chem. I really don't wish to see my Science grade like C5? B4?

I used to be very poor in Chem. Ever since lasr years, just 3 months before my N levels, my tuition teacher guided me through and I got an A2 for my combined science. With the teacher's guidance and my hardwork, I don't see why I can't score at all!

So now I know, if you get poor results, don't blame your tuition teachers, your school teachers or anyone, but blame yourself for either being stupid, lazy or whatever you wish to call yourself.

Because I know, no one can help me in my studies, except myself.

p/s: I think I can't get 14 points for O's already. I'm extremely demoralised right now. The only one whom I don't want to lose to is one fucked up skin ass rascal, Chun Hao.

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hey hey!! 1st wanna wish u luck for ur exams. wow ur post really reminds me about my past:) i remember the most is my history exam, essays:( guess what i wrote in? the story between spider man, superman, the hulk and wonderwoman, sumore start with" once upon a time..... i fail my class exam. but actuall exam i past. muahahahahaha. Shhhssss dont tell my mom