Sunday, October 21, 2007

Due to the rain today, adding on to the cold weather, I caught a flu.

Real bad one.

Went studying with Jiashi, Nicholas & Beng Hon (Cheng Long left for tuition).

Revised A-maths. Everyone studying at burger king were studying A-Math!

Yesterday, while I was doing past year papers, I came across Relative Velocity Question. I couldn't understand the question. Just so happen, 4 hunks (Ok, not that handsome) from Victoria S.S happened to sit beside us and I felt so tempted to ask them. Maybe they know? Maybe they don't know.

However, I guessed guys are much better than girls in Relative Velocity. Was doing the question on airplane one and I just don't have the courage to open my mouth. Ended up, after eating, they left and I could only see their back slowly slowly disappear from my vision.


Just opposite us, they were a group also studying A-Maths. I also don't have the least courage to ask them at all. I am such a failure LAH.

Well well well, back to topic. Nicholas's Dad brought me home and after I got down the car, I sneezed once and Gotcha! I got it.

Well, guys, do really take care of yourselves especially when exams are just round the corner. Adding on to the stress you are in right now, it's even easier for the virus or germs to attack you and make you fall sick.

Eat more vitamins and drink lot's of water!

I know this post sounds ubber boring, however, my readers, after O's you shall see Eunice's life more interesting and lively!

Stay Tune!

I may not blog as often already, however I will try my best. But please continue to stay tune for more!

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