Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Went night studying with CKTs ( Nelson, Wei Kai, Zhen Lu & Yuyang)! And of course, Beng Hon came along as well.

We studied Math today. We kept laughing and crapping a lot today.

Zhen Lu was the one who laughed the most.

I like Nelson's laughter a lot. If you hear him laugh, you feel very happy too.

I like Kai's quietness and seriousness. Don't see he so quiet ok. He can be very noisy.

About Yuyang, I like his straight-forward attitude.

AIYAH, They are just a bunch of very good bastards(Quoted and inspired by Nelson. HAHA).

I really enjoyed being with them for the whole day. Just very happy. Ha. After studying, we went to 43 to slack for a lil while and started crapping again.

Then, we headed to the market as CKTs wanted to have dinner. Kai and I wanted to save money, so we didn't eat.

Then, we started to talk about friends. Specifically, we were talking about someone that concerned Zhen Lu. WHAHA.

Other than that, we talked about other better things. Once again, I get to know them even better. (: After that, headed home.

So coincidentally, CKTs are having chalet perhaps after O's as well. And they invited me to go. Maybe I shall visit them for a little while. However, I won't neglect my class! Don't worry, 5A!

Ahh, just a fun day lah. You rock on guys! You guys know what does Nelson describe pretty girls as? He called pretty girls as hot bitches. You know, Nelson speaks a lot of vulgarities.

But those vulgarities don't sound crude and uncooth at all. In fact, they sound very funny. I don't know why. I just feel that the vulgarities he spoke are not uncooth at all. He's the english version of vulgarities.

On the other hand, Yuyang was the Hokkien version of vulgarities.

Very cool. Ha.

Look at all these photos! That's Lu's pencil box. VERY CUTE RIGHT. I kept laughing when I looked at it.

Lu took out my phone and tried to take pictures of Nelson and instead, the picture shows that Nel seemed to wanting to hit Kai.

p/s: I am totally exhausted. And I cooked fried rice again to bring to school tomorrow. (: I WANT TO GO LINKIN PARK CONCERT!

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